May 312011

I have never been an proactive person when it comes to skin care even thought the doctors tell me I am more prone to melanoma (skin cancer). Recently, I have taken a more active approach to protecting myself and I want all of our heros to take care of their skin too. As runners we are out in the sun a lot and need to be more concerned than others about our skin.

Below is a nice picture of my leg and the horrible lobster sunburn I got when I got lazy and forgot the sunscreen:

This thing was painful and for nearly two weeks I was paying for it.

Now that you have seen how stupid I am and just forgot the sunscreen let me give some tips that I have learned from my numerous visits to there dermoutologist about moles and melanoma.

Know your ABCDe’s:

A- Asymmetry — If you can cut the mole in half and it is the same on both sides that is good but if they aren’t get it checked out.

B- Border — A smooth round border is good. Jagged edges are not and should get checked out.

C- Color– Constant color is good. Different shades mean get it checked out.

D- Diameter– Small is good. Bigger than a pencil diameter is…..(you guessed it) get it checked out.

E -Elevation — if the mole is raised from the skin, get it checked out.

I have modified this ABCDE thing slightly to know your ABCDEE’s. There is another E that I think is the most important. EVOLUTION- watch how your moles change with time. Change is not good and whenever they change, that means certain cells are growing and that could be bad. So do a self evaluation and know your moles as it relates to your ABCDEE’s. But with the severity and speed of melanoma if you have any concern, GET IT CHECKED OUT by a doctor.

May 302011

For the past several months I have been in the process of applying, interviewing, waiting, and transfering my old job duties for a new position. I was in the engineering department in a nice cubicle, air conditioned, computer, 9 to 5 hours, you know all that good stuff. I traded all that great stuff to go to our operations department, its smelly, hot, phsyical labor and its hot. I am learning a lot and I really think it is a better postion for me, I am very excited about it.

As you may have read from my early posts I am in the midst of a weight-loss challenge that I set for myself, when my doctor told me to lose some weight. I attribute a lot of my weight gain after college to sitting in a cubicle and soda. Now I am outside and very active at work, I think this will be good for my weight loss goal.

Beside that my normal shift starts at 6:00 AM. I am not gonna lie and say “you get used to it,” That is early! But the bright side of that is that I get off early at 4:00 PM.  There is still plenty of time to get home, rest my feet and then decide to workout or do some chores. As much as I hate waking up that early, I am much more productive and I like that.

So hopefully the combination of longer days and getting off  work early will result in a more convinent workout time to start getting really serious about this training thing.

May 292011

Michael Nunez and Erin Rogers got married on May 29, 2011 at the Forster Mansion in San Juan Capistrano at 4:30 PM.  Michael and Erin are two of my best friends and also happen to be two of our heroes.  We have a lot of great memories together and I am extremely happy for the two of them.  After dating for nearly ten years they finally tied the knot at the gorgeous ceremony this past weekend. 

You may remember Michael Nunez from some of our earlier posts,, Michael has joined me on several runs and we have also spent a lot of time together working out at the gym. 

Erin Rogers has also been featured as one of The Running Brother’s heroes,  Erin and I have been on a walk or two in our day and she is one of my greatest friends.  I think that if I really ever do need to talk to someone about serious events in my life that Erin has always been there for me. 

Michael asked me to be a groomsman in his wedding and I could not have been more honored, because both he and Erin are two of my best friends.

I think Michael might have obseessive-compulsive disorder, it doesn’t matter where we are, but you will frequently find Michael cleaning.  I remember the nights when we’d used to go out and party every weekend and Michael was always the last one to leave, when everyone else was trying to get home, or passed out from drinking too much, Michael was always up and helping to clean up whoevers house we happened to be partying at.  I remember him cleaning up at my house after a raging party and I told him to stop cleaning and that I’d clean everything up in the morning . . . He continued to clean anyways, because that’s the kind of guy he is . . . always thinking about others before himself.  Michael is truly one in a million.  As a friend, he can always be counted on, as a man, he can make you think and value your opinions, and as a businessman, you will not find a harder worker.

I don’t think that Michael has ever been wrong about anything.  In 2004, I can remember watching the Super Bowl between the St. Louis Rams and the Carolina Panthers, which finished with New England winning the game 32 – 29.  Somehow, we got into a discussion about the score of the game and Mike swore up and down that the score was 32 – 28.  I don’t know how the discussion went, but basically we enlisted the 20 or so people in the house to all confirm that the outcome of the game was 32 – 28.  Michael still disagreed and we eventually made the commitment to look it up online.  Mike was in charge of the mouse and found a website that showed the final score . . . 32 – 28 and Mike turned around and said three words, “The Internets wrong.”  And the funny thing was, was that he “knew” that the Internet was wrong.  Out of all of my friends, Michael is by far the most opinionated.  He and I have had long conversations about a variety of different topics and while he and I don’t agree on everything all the time, he makes me a better person, by helping me to see a world through a different lense . . . by helping me to think for myself and develop strong opinions about the world around me.

Ask any one of our friends one thing they can say about Michael and the first thing they will say that he is a loyal friend.  One thing that Michael does, that none of my other close friends do is he calls me just to see how I’m doing.  It doesn’t take much effort on his part, and to be honest, I’ve always thought it’s a little weird, but it’s something that I wish I did more of myself.  Getting these phone calls from Mike have always cheered me up, to know that I have a friend out there who is thinking about me when I’m not around.  Sometimes, we don’t let others know that we care about them . . . I know that Mike has always valued our friendship and, in that respect, I wish I was a lot more like him.  

Mike and I talk about business quite a lot and I have always said that out of all my friends, if I were to go into business with anyone it would be Michael.  I don’t know anyone who has a greater work ethic than Mike.  I think of him as this Renaissance Man that knows how to do a variety of different things.  Throughout the time that I have known him Mike has taken on a variety of different tasks for different people over the years.  I know he has worked with just about every single one of our friends and has performed different functions for each of them.  I can remember one time being called by Mike to pick up a tanning bed from Richie’s Mom’s tanning salons.  I agreed to come by and help out and we eventually moved this tanning bed out of the salon.  And Michael directed us every step of the way.  What struck me about that was that situation was that it was something that he chose to do because he was helping someone else.  He has always been able to enlist the help of others, to get something done for someone else and Mike has always been that way, always willing, able and eager to help other people.  And when he does, he does the best job he can.

I feel like I have known Erin forever and since High School have always considered her my best female friend.  We have a lot of memories together and I think the greatest of which came from our Prank Wars just after High School.  My friend Jimmy and I played one of the best pranks on Erin of all time, I gave Erin’s Mom a call and asked her if we could come over to toilet paper her room one day when Erin was out to school.  We filled all of her pants pockets with little pieces of paper that said “Haha” on them.  She says she still finds those to this day.  We spent hours toilet papering her room and giggling the entire time.  The last thing we did was have her Mom take a picture of us inside her room and taped the Polaroid picture to her door.  Erin wears her expressions on her face and to this day I can still imagine the look on her face.  If only there was a way that I can see the look on her face, knowing that she’d been had. 

In retaliation, Erin drove around for hours looking for road kill during one of my soccer games.  And yes, I mean she literally went out looking for road kill and found a gigantic possum.  I mean, this thing was huge, with nails that were at least an inch long.  She then proceeded to put this possum on the back of my Honda del Sol.  After my soccer game, I came to my car and found this dead possum lying on the trunk of my car . . . I knew it was Erin and as Erin says, I was furious.  She said she had never seen me so mad and that ended our prank war. 

And although Erin says I was mad and upset at her, I know that it may have looked that way, but it couldn’t possibly be true.  Erin has been one of the sweetest, most genuine girls I have had the pleasure of calling my friend.  She has been there for me during the times in my life that I have needed someone to talk to and has always left me with a more positive outlook on things then I had before talking with her.  Her attitude and the way she treats people is infectious, it’s no wonder she became a nurse.  She always treats others with respect and attacks her problems with a smile on her face.  I can’t think of a single person that would have a negative thing to say about Erin, because there is nothing negative anyone could possibly say about her.  Mike is a lucky guy. 

Erin, with Michael you will never have to worry about having a messy house because Michael will clean it.  Michael will always be right, at least initially, but give him time and he will see your side of things.  In him, you will have a great group of friends that are vested in your well-being and care about your relationship with each other.  And, you will have someone who will devote his life to helping the lives of others.  Mike and Erin are two of my best friends and I could not be happier that two people who I consider my friends and who The Running Brothers consider our heroes found each other.

May 282011

Weekly Amount:

Running = 21 miles
Biking = 72 miles
Swimming = 5000 M or 3 miles
Total Amount: 96 miles

Overall Amount:

Running = 320 miles (95 miles to San Francisco)
Biking = 1,052 miles (1,718 miles to New York)
Swimming = 81,200 meters or 46.7 miles (61 miles to San Diego)
Total = 1,329 miles (1,441 miles to New York)


May 272011

What do you think about our website?

Your website – is very adhd – BUT don’t change it – I had to figure out who was who and had trouble placing your ages. Your mum must be an amazing person.

May be I have not read enough but even though the site is very “open” and you share a lot, I feel know v, little basic stuff about you guys – in terns of the “normal” stuff such as professional stuff, education, loves hates, travel experiences, etc….girlfriends???

What are you most passionate about?

We are passionate about life and getting the most out of it! That means that you need your physical, mental and financial health to be in balance and that is what our business is all about. We realized this after we had hit the toppish of our corporate careers – still wanting to grow AND have more time to travel so realized that we needed to do something about it. That’s when we started our business. Through it we teach others how to run their business and achieve the goals that they want to reach and through helping them we achieve our goals.

We are interested in partnering with ambitious, outgoing people who want to get more out of life – be it personal performance, sport performance, financial performance – or all of the above – just have them contact us – wherever in the world they are.

What is one thing that you think every person should do in their lifetime?

Ummm, running a marathon is NOT it – its simply not for everyone and then I might say in a couple of years time – doing an ironman so that won’t do at all.

It has to be TRAVEL – be it take a cruise, get on a plane, drive over the world – open your mind and heart to new stuff and let it stay open! You will be surprised where it leads to.

*Liz Boers-Maynard writes her own blog, devoted to her experiences as a runner.  Her husband also runs his own blog,  Be sure to check out both of their blogs and let them know that The Running Brothers sent you.

May 262011

What are your some of your favorite websites/blogs to follow?

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

I guess the sensible way to begin is to have a strategy and think about what type of audience that you want to attract etc etc – I kind of set out that way and ended up just “scribbling” and figuring out what was fun and sometimes its a “frustration” outlet and other times to share something with anyone that is interested but to share it is important. The “it” is sometimes afeeling, sometimes advice – e.g. nutritional stuff…

May 252011

Tell us about your website. 

I share my everyrunsawinner site with my geeky husband who posts more frequently on our feeling-healthy blog.

What inspired you to start everyrunsawinner?

The inspiration for starting was a sort of experiment to learn the geeky stuff that Joost does, to reach out to other running nuts, and proving to everyone that you can go from 96 kilos (c. 210 lbs) to marathon runner in 5 years if you are in the right business!

Do you enjoy bloggin?

The blog is fun – I am sort of writing it as I run so it keeps me occupied. I have also made some really nice connections to people all over the world.

What was your most popular post?

My champion post was Paris Marathon – job done – I had 67 hits in one day and it continued to be high for days after – It beat Joosts hits hands down!!

What do you think about the people who interact with everyrunsawinner?

Its a great thrill when people such as you comment – it makes me feel good – and I have some fun exchanges with a few “regulars” from all over the world.

We’ve checked out your website and are impressed with your running schedule.  We’re also amazed that you can run in such low temperatures, how do you do it?

The secret to running in silly weather is the planning. If you have committed to yourself weeks before that you would run X klms on Y day then you just get up and do it!

May 242011

The Running Brothers, our Dad, Larry and our cousin, Beau all participated in a golf tournament this past Sunday.  I had not been golfing since December and I know that my brother has not been playing much either since he has been too busy with work.  However, I knew that I would not have to be performing at my best for this golf tournament as many of the people who were entered had no idea how to play golf.

We made our way slowly around the golf course and on the first par 3, on a 180 yard hole, I pulled out my 6 iron and “stroked” a beautiful shot that hit the green and rolled up towards the pin.  The ball landed on the green and slowly rolled towards the hole.  I raised my hands in the air anticipating the ball dropping into the hole for my very first hole in one.  But, the ball didn’t drop.  We drove up to the green and saw that somehow the ball had rolled directly behind the hole by about two inches.  How it didn’t drop, I had no idea.

We skipped a few holes, in order to pass some of the beginning golfers and made up for those few missed holes by playing some holes twice.  Once we passed those golfers, it was smooth sailing for us.  On another 180 yard par 3 on the back nine, I stuck a 5 iron to 14 feet 10 inches which was good enough to win one of the closest to the pin prizes, a free round of golf for me and a friend at El Prado golf course.

On the 17th hole, a straight par 5, my brother and I narrowly missed hitting the green in two and after missing our short eagle chips, settled for birdies.  When the round was over, I had shot an 81, while Rocky shot an 88.  Both great scores for us.  When all was said and done, I had the second best score of the tournament, losing by one stroke to the first place guy.  All in all, we had a great time golfing and were happy to get out and play some golf with family and friends.

After our round of golf, we played a soccer game, too.  We ended up winning 4 to 1.  It was an easy game and an easy victory.

Our Mystery Challenge had to be postponed in order to enter the tournament.  Expect an update on the date to our next Mystery Challenge.

May 232011

What type of events do you compete in? 

Compete in 10K, 15K, 16K (i.e. 10 English miles), half and full marathon.

What is the next goal you are trying to achieve?

Next BIG goal – Amsterdam marathon in October

Do you have any upcoming events?

2012/2013 will be triathlon years…

What are your most memorable experiences?

About running I guess you mean….so getting married, first sex, getting lost at South of England Show – finding way to lost children and moaning when my parents came to collect me as I wanted to finish my game of cards, don’t count!
The running stuff – pain of the first 5 K then the super buzz of running in the cold snowy winter; the numbness of the last kilometers of the marathon, the thrill of passing a club mate whilst chatting with someon who “picked me up” in the 30 K Groet uit Schoorl race… is that enough?

What do you enjoy least about running? 

– hitting the wall  – done it once dont want to do it again so train train train….ooh an seeing other runners keal over does nothing for the motivation.

Do you have any advice for new runners? 

Start steadily and comfortably but always push to feel some pain – in the end you will not feel any pain and/or push through to another level. Don’t take any notice of people who think that you are fast/slow/ training too hard/ YOU know what YOUR goals and your benchmarks are – oh I guess that’s the thing to do – set goals and find your benchmark…. there is always someone faster/ running even more stupid distances/ is silly places such as the desert/ North Pole – so do your thing!

May 222011

What is your name?

Liz Boers-Maynard

How old are you?

how personal! 43 when you sent this to me now 44!

What do you do for a living?

Owner International marketing company – and Risk Manager

Are you single/married?

Married to Joost

What are your hobbies?

Running, fitness, traveling, fine dining, fine wine, socialising, meeting people, blogging, reading other’s blogs, twitter, linking to likeminded souls, recumbant cycling, church, leading others in their quest for their goals