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I have never been an proactive person when it comes to skin care even thought the doctors tell me I am more prone to melanoma (skin cancer). Recently, I have taken a more active approach to protecting myself and I want all of our heros to take care of their skin too. As runners we are out in the sun a lot and need to be more concerned than others about our skin.

Below is a nice picture of my leg and the horrible lobster sunburn I got when I got lazy and forgot the sunscreen:

This thing was painful and for nearly two weeks I was paying for it.

Now that you have seen how stupid I am and just forgot the sunscreen let me give some tips that I have learned from my numerous visits to there dermoutologist about moles and melanoma.

Know your ABCDe’s:

A- Asymmetry — If you can cut the mole in half and it is the same on both sides that is good but if they aren’t get it checked out.

B- Border — A smooth round border is good. Jagged edges are not and should get checked out.

C- Color– Constant color is good. Different shades mean get it checked out.

D- Diameter– Small is good. Bigger than a pencil diameter is…..(you guessed it) get it checked out.

E -Elevation — if the mole is raised from the skin, get it checked out.

I have modified this ABCDE thing slightly to know your ABCDEE’s. There is another E that I think is the most important. EVOLUTION- watch how your moles change with time. Change is not good and whenever they change, that means certain cells are growing and that could be bad. So do a self evaluation and know your moles as it relates to your ABCDEE’s. But with the severity and speed of melanoma if you have any concern, GET IT CHECKED OUT by a doctor.

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  1. Just saw this artical today and it’s good news for us pale skined folks, who have a higher risk of getting melanoma:

    It sounds like their new drugs are 90% effective.

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