Jun 302011

I have a confession to make.  I have been lying to all of you for the past 3 months and I am completely ashamed of myself.  I had told all of you that I was going to increase my distance in running, biking and swimming each week while I was training to become an Ironman and I did . . . from January 1 through March 15 that is. 

For the past 3 months, I really haven’t done much training.  My brother and I did run in the Orange County Marath0n on May 1, but since then, my training has been non-existent.  While I have been calculating my Ironman training distances all along, I figured I would just owe myself and make up the miles later, but I have gotten too far behind.

I have told you all that I have run a total of 440 miles, biked 1,442 miles and swam 106,000 meters or 62 miles.  In actuality, the numbers are much smaller . . . In reality, I have run 186 miles, have biked 454 miles and have swam 19 miles or roughly 30,500 meters. 

I am terribly sorry that I have deceived all of you.  I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself.  All I can say is I’m not a role model.  But, I’m jumping back on the band wagon again and I promise you that I will no longer lie to you about our progress in training.  Well, I take that back, my guest post for tomorrow will tell of another thing that I lied about, but I promise . . . after that, no more lying . . . . .

Jun 292011

Weekly Amount:

Running = 26 miles
Biking = 82 miles
Swimming = 5000 M or 3 miles
Total Amount: 111 miles

Overall Amount:

Running = 440 miles (730 miles to Seattle)
Biking = 1,442 miles (1,328 miles to New York)
Swimming = 106,000 meters or 62 miles (46 miles to San Diego)
Total = 1,854 miles (916 miles to New York)


Zeb Runs to San Francisco

Jun 282011

My brother Rocky is a big supporter of Southern California sports teams.  He has had season tickets at one point or another to The Los Angeles Galaxy, The Anaheim Ducks and most recently, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Because their are at least 81 home games every season, it becomes virtually impossible for season ticket holders to attend every game. 

Therefore, I have had a variety of chances to watch the Angels play thanks to my brother.  So far, I have seen at least 4 games and every time I have gone to a game, the Angels have won.  Every other time my brother goes he says that they lose.  That leads me to believe one thing . . . The Running Brothers are the equivalent of that kid in the movie Angels in the Outfield . . . when we both attend the game together the Angels always win. 

If anyone from the Angels organization is reading this, I think you should have us be your new mascot . . . The Rally Monkey is getting old.  It’s time for something new and fresh . . . consider The Running Brothers as your new winning mascot.

Jun 272011

Greg Hamilton

I “met” the running brothers through the OC Marathon, specifically, through twitter as we were all entered in that event. While the brothers took on the massive challenge that is a full marathon, I took on the shorter half marathon, which I have really come to love. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to meet Zeb and Rocky, but through twitter we were able to stay in touch and they were kind enough to offer me the opportunity to write a blog entry for their website.

My name is Greg Hamilton and aside from being an MBA and marketing manager, I’m an avid sports fan, and am passionate about fitness and exercise. I was never really passionate about running at all until recently. In September of 2010 I had just started my new job after finishing my graduate program. One of the big reasons I came out to get my MBA in the first place is I wasn’t satisfied with my old job. It wasn’t the company, or the people, but my actual output at the end of every day. What I really wanted was something that I could own, something that I could create from beginning to end, with all the success and failures in between, and then be able to look back and say to myself, “I did that. I accomplished that.” That’s why I always loved sports. In Football you start as a team, you work toward a goal, and whether or not you can get there, I guarantee that if you put the work in you will be a better, stronger person. As much as I wanted that feeling in through my professional career, I realized that I could never duplicate what an athletic accomplishment feels like.

Funny enough, the turning point for me came from Peter King, Sports Illustrated’s football writer and one of the best sportswriters of our time. Peter made a wrong football prediction and in turn he decided to run a half marathon, which he did. When I read his final piece abut finishing I thought to myself, I need to get up off my ass and do something like that. Maybe it would bring back the feeling of sports accomplishment into my life. Setting a goal, working toward it, and knowing you gave it your all.

My first race was on November 15th, and since then I’ve become a runner. I love it. It’s not the running that I’m passionate about. It’s so much more than that. It’s knowing how you did the first time, and knowing that you absolutely can do better. It’s about being accountable only to yourself and being a better person for it. It’s about the community of like minded people who feel the same way, who encourage you, who run by your side, and whether they know it or not, make you better. I love knowing that I hit my first wall, came back again, and beat my time. Then I trained even harder and beat it again. I loved being passed by someone much, much older than me and then feeling humbled by it, but then smiling and thinking that someday, I want to be that guy, still doing it, and leaving all the young kids in his dust. And I love getting the medals. Just like in my goal to change my career, I can look at them and say. “I did that. I accomplished that.”

I still haven’t tackled a marathon yet. I’ve done a bunch of half’s, a trail run, and some obstacle races. Someday I’ll get there, but I still tell myself I’m new at this. That’s why I respect what Zeb and Rocky did, and they should be very proud of it. I also know that they feel the same way that I do. They know they can absolutely do better, and next time they will, and the next time after that. One of these days, I’ll be there with them.

Jun 262011

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about running as well as truthfully living in the moment, although it may sound cliché it is something I work for each and everyday.

What is one thing that you think everyone should do in life?

I think everyone should pick one thing in their life they think they could never accomplish and find the necessary tools to reach that goal no matter what it may be.

What is the best advice you can give when it comes to running?

I would say consistency is key; running is not a seasonal thing it is a lifetime commitment, one that is affected by all aspects of your life.

Jun 252011

Brandon Williams from Claim Your Journey

Claim Your Journey started out as my personal blog for a new journey that I was starting. Until January 2011, it was about 6 years since I ran any type of competitive races. I was in college and just really got caught up in that lifestyle. I did go to the gym quite a bit, but I didn’t run as much as I had growing up.

One day at my neighborhood gym, I came across a flyer for a trail race series called the Forge Trail Series. It’s four races in Louisiana throughout the year of 2011. I thought it would be an awesome idea to share the experience with others. Shortly after my first race and running with different groups, I realized I wanted to change the focus of the site.

According to a new inactivity index based on 2008 data released by the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, Louisianians are among the worst when it comes to participating in physical activity, ranking No. 5 in the nation. On the other hand, there is proof that Louisiana has a very active running community, but lacks a news source to broadcast that information.

Claim Your Journey is a comprehensive initiative dedicated to fighting the problem of inactivity within our families in Louisiana through promoting Running as the first choice for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Jun 242011

How long have you worked at A Snail’s Pace?

I have worked here for 2 years and 9 months.

When we came to try on shoes at A Snail’s Pace, you had us get on a device that analyzed our feet.  Can you tell us more about that?

First we place them on a foot pressure analysis device to measure their foot length, arch type, and even metatarsal pressure. After that we bring out a neutral test shoe that is one-half or even one size bigger than the machine said to allow room for swelling and downhill running. Once they have the neutral shoe on we watch them run down the center of the store and we look at the amount of over pronation of each foot stride, meaning where the person is pushing off of their foot. This helps us decide what three or four shoes will be best for the individual whether a neutral shoe is best or even stability or motion control.

What are your greatest memories involving working at A Snail’s Pace?

There are many but two great stories come to mind…

The first is about a guy who came into the store about a year ago and he had told me he was not training for anything he just wanted to lose some weight, so I fit him for the shoes I thought were best and about a week ago he came back in and I did not even recognize him, he had lost so much weight. And being the outgoing person I am I asked him if he had shopped with us before and his wife told me that I was the one to fit him for his first pair of running shoes and he also thanked me for helping him lose 125 pounds, he said I “helped changed his life.”

The second was when The Running Brothers came in and brightened my day with their goofy jokes and love for exercising and running together. 
What did you think of The Running Brothers when you met them?

When I first met the Running Brothers I had asked them if they had ever been told that they looked like the Step Brothers. As promised I watched their video right after work and proceeded to show my friends it was very entertaining, I believe I watched the first one. My favorite part was the graphics included throughout the clip.

Jun 232011

Weekly Amount:

Running = 25 miles
Biking = 80 miles
Swimming = 5000 M or 3 miles
Total Amount: 108 miles

Overall Amount:

Running = 414 miles (1 miles to San Francisco)
Biking = 1,360 miles (1,410 miles to New York)
Swimming = 101,000 meters or 59 miles (49 miles to San Diego)
Total = 1,743 miles (1,027 miles to New York)


Jun 222011

We woke up, grabbed breakfast and immediately jumped onto the golf course to start Day #2 of our Father Son Golf Trip at River Ridge in Oxnard.  We quickly moved our way around the golf course and when all was said and done, I had come out on top for the golf portion of our trip shooting a 78, Rocky shot an 89 and Dad shot a 97. 

For the two-day trip, Zeb amassed a 167, Rocky and Dad tied at 187.  All in all, it was another great Father-Son Golf Trip. We are really lucky that we get the chance to make this trip every year and always have a blast doing it. 

Thanks Dad for such a great time!

Jun 212011

What race would you encourage others to participate in?

Taylor’s Wish 5k-great cause

Do you work for anyone else besides A Snail’s Pace?

Cornerstone Therapies- I’m currently interning for them

Do you support any charities?

Make A Wish Foundation-charity very close to my heart

Who’s your hero?

My mom Therese Lowrie: inspiration

Has anyone helped you out with your running career?

Nick Longo: Strength and Conditioning Coach.  My coach John Elders.  And probably most often from my dad Ed Lowrie.

What else do you love?

I love working with children, I love how they are so carefree about life and they always brighten my day!
Any websites or magazines that you would like to tell others about?

Well of course (anything) from A Snail’s Pace, also I read Runner’s World magazine.