Jun 252011

Brandon Williams from Claim Your Journey

Claim Your Journey started out as my personal blog for a new journey that I was starting. Until January 2011, it was about 6 years since I ran any type of competitive races. I was in college and just really got caught up in that lifestyle. I did go to the gym quite a bit, but I didn’t run as much as I had growing up.

One day at my neighborhood gym, I came across a flyer for a trail race series called the Forge Trail Series. It’s four races in Louisiana throughout the year of 2011. I thought it would be an awesome idea to share the experience with others. Shortly after my first race and running with different groups, I realized I wanted to change the focus of the site.

According to a new inactivity index based on 2008 data released by the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, Louisianians are among the worst when it comes to participating in physical activity, ranking No. 5 in the nation. On the other hand, there is proof that Louisiana has a very active running community, but lacks a news source to broadcast that information.

Claim Your Journey is a comprehensive initiative dedicated to fighting the problem of inactivity within our families in Louisiana through promoting Running as the first choice for a healthier and more active lifestyle.