May 232011

What type of events do you compete in? 

Compete in 10K, 15K, 16K (i.e. 10 English miles), half and full marathon.

What is the next goal you are trying to achieve?

Next BIG goal – Amsterdam marathon in October

Do you have any upcoming events?

2012/2013 will be triathlon years…

What are your most memorable experiences?

About running I guess you mean….so getting married, first sex, getting lost at South of England Show – finding way to lost children and moaning when my parents came to collect me as I wanted to finish my game of cards, don’t count!
The running stuff – pain of the first 5 K then the super buzz of running in the cold snowy winter; the numbness of the last kilometers of the marathon, the thrill of passing a club mate whilst chatting with someon who “picked me up” in the 30 K Groet uit Schoorl race… is that enough?

What do you enjoy least about running? 

– hitting the wall  – done it once dont want to do it again so train train train….ooh an seeing other runners keal over does nothing for the motivation.

Do you have any advice for new runners? 

Start steadily and comfortably but always push to feel some pain – in the end you will not feel any pain and/or push through to another level. Don’t take any notice of people who think that you are fast/slow/ training too hard/ YOU know what YOUR goals and your benchmarks are – oh I guess that’s the thing to do – set goals and find your benchmark…. there is always someone faster/ running even more stupid distances/ is silly places such as the desert/ North Pole – so do your thing!

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