Feb 282011

I have a confession to make, I have not been true to my plan, but I do have a legitimate reason.  i wanted to make sure that I could perform my best at The Race on the Base, so I took several days off of my training and since I completed the triathalon on Saturday, I will be heading back to the gym today and working harder than ever to get into the best shape of my life. 

I have been doing much better on cooking my own meals and eating more often.  Not quite up to three times a day, but much better than once a day.  I have also committed to cooking lunch for my entire family at least twice a week, so that definitely should help.  Tonight I’ll be cooking some barbecue chicken and tomorrow it’ll be beef patties and onion soup.  Neither of which I have ever cooked before.  It should be interesting, only 19 more days until I am 30.  Yikes!

Feb 272011

Upon returning from my first half-marathon, my knees were killing me.  Running on the trail, my knees were constantly moving in awkward angles and for the following week, I was in pain.  Obviously, my training suffered as a result.  I stopped going to the gym for a few days after the race to let my body recoup. 

But, since I wasn’t allowing myself to get out to exercise I experienced a form of mild depression.  After reading one of my brothers posts, he mentioned something called the Post-Race Blues and I definitely experienced that.  Before reading it, I believed that it was because I was on my man period.  But, now I know it was the post-race blues that I was experiencing.  It only lasted a couple of days and once I was able to get back into the gym I felt much better about my situation. 

Do any of you know how to prepare your knees better for those long races?  Have any of you experienced the Post-Race Blues?

Feb 262011

I woke up from limited sleep today very exctited! Today is my first triathalon, Zeb has already done one before. When I was younger I always thought I would be doing these things all the time once I got out of school… on well a late start is better than never doing it at all.

I had limited time to get ready this morning and by nature I am a forgetful person so i looked up race day checklists and below is what I found:


Swim suit (check) , Wetsuit (that would be nice becasue I think we are having record low temps but we dont have any), Goggles (good ideal but i dont have those either), swim cap (Don’t have it and I dont want to mess up my hair), Lubricant or anti-chafe (have way to much of that jk), Towel (Check), Ear Plugs (dont need um).


Bike (got it), Helmet (would have forgot it), Bike shorts (got um but they still dont help), Bike shoes (same as my running shoes), Sunglasses (good idea), Water Bottles ( Check), Energy Gel ( I will get some), Bike Gloves (dont have um), Spare tube (dont have it).  I added my own here, tire pump (check).


Race shoes with quick laces (well I have shoes), Cap or Visor (scotch lobster hat is already on), Lubricant for feet (I dont know why but you know my situation on lubricant), race number (we will pick that up at the race), Energy Gel (We will get some).


Warm cloths or rain Clothes (its cold and rainy.. Check). Sunscreen(check), bag (check), Extra Energy Gel (I am gonna have way to much energy gel), Sandals (got it), Change of Cloths for post race ( check).

I am not sure if i am prepared enough but we will see. Wish us luck.

Feb 262011

Today, my brother and I are competing in our first triathalon, a sprint triathalon called The Race on the Base in Los Alamitos.  I actually did this race last year.  I had so much fun running the race that I encouraged my brother to run it with me this year. 

Here are my results from last year:

Clock Time:  1:21:25.9

Gender Racers:  437;  Gender Place:  296;  Percentile 32.2 %

All Racers:  762;  All Place:  380;  Percentile:  50.1%

Times for each section:

  • 3.1 Mile Run = 23:49.5
  • T1 = 1:53.2
  • 12 Mile Bike = 47:54.7
  • T2 = 2:47.1
  • 200 Meter Swim = 5:01.2

Based off of my results from last year, I feel that I can do a lot better.  My goal then is to beat my time in each section from last year.  If I can do that, I should be able to beat 1:10, but who knows, it’s been a year since I’ve done it and I’m in much better shape now than I was last year. 

Today should be a lot of fun.  We hope you’re rooting for us.

Feb 252011

Can you explain the concept of Sweat365?  To me, it seems like the website is set up specifically for athletes to record workout procedures and times, is that accurate?

It was created as a social networking blog side for logging your workouts and connecting with other athletes. I use it as a place to log all of my workouts, but once is a while post something as well.

Have you made any friends through Sweat365?

Quite a few actually. I have become quite good friends with those that live near me (other triathletes), but have also created a few friends where we follow each other’s workouts and keep motivating as we go along.

I noticed on the right hand side of your page you have a counter that keeps track of the distances you have run, biked and swam?  Did that come with the website?

This is controlled by what is referred to as Side Bar Widgets. You can get to those but going to your Dashboard, click on Advanced Setting, then “dragging” the Logbook 2” widget to the Main Side Bar. Then all of your distances will show up. Logbook 2 is what I have, but there is also a Logbook 1 that shows slightly different data.
How about the countdown watch to the Vancouver Half Marathon or to Ironman Coeur d’Alene?

The countdown timers are part of the options under Sweat365. If you navigate to you Dashboard, then click on Advanced Settings and look for Sidebar Widgets. Under Available Widgets, you should see the Countdown Clock 1-4. Simply drag one of them to the Main Side Bar Menu. From there, click on the little box/lines that are next to it, page up to see the information and add in the URL, dates, etc for your event. Then click on Save Changes and there ya go!

What has been your most rewarding experience through your blog so far?

Being able to meet friends who live near me, and become “virtual friends” with others around the world. That is way cool. Finding stories like yours are very inspiring too.

Do you have any tips or ideas for a new running blogger?

Just start writing, with no holding back.

What type of posts do you get the most feedback from?

Typically the most feedback comes after I have done an ironman (or other triathlon) and write about how the event went. There are a few Sweat365 friends (that I only know through S365) that comment frequently too. It really depends on the topic; for instance, my wife also has a blog and wrote one time (titled A Girls Guide to the Farmer Flow) about being able to finally “farmer blow” while running, as a girl. It was absolutely hilarious, and got a ton of comments.

What was your inspiration for starting the blog? 

Has your vision changed since you started it? I know the owners of the website, and at the same time I was training for my first ironman. So I wanted a way to track what I was doing. This was the perfect entry into that! If anything blogging has become a daily thing for me now.

What has been your most rewarding experience since you started training?

I have completed 3 Ironman Canada events, and signed up for a 4th in Idaho. Crossing those finish lines is such an amazing feeling. In 2007 my wife and I trained for my first event (she competed and finished as well) and it was one of my most favorite moments in my life to not only finish, but to be able to run down the finish line chute with my wife and son.

Why do you keep doing them?

I love the training aspect, and it has really become a social event for me too.. Almost every Friday morning there are 3 of us that head over the YMCA for a swim, and then go to coffee ( I work from home on Fridays).

What do you enjoy most about training?  The least?

I love how I feel after completing my goal (half marathon, ironman, whatever it is). Least? Sometimes it does take away from other things that I would love to do instead, but your finish time is what you put into it; slack off, and you are going to suffer; put the time in to train properly and you will achieve your goal.

Any recommendations for someone who is just starting out their training?

Find a plan and stick with it. Again you get out what you put in. Listen to others about what they are doing for training; listen to your body; if you are constantly tired or sore, something is going on that you need to pay attention too before it becomes worse. And most of all DON’T SUFFER…don’t be a victim. There are some many folks that I know of that sign up for an event and then complain about it. If you are going to sign up, then experience the event, all of it… the training, the mental and physical side, and the joy of completing on your goal

What is something that you did that you think everone should do at least once in their lifetime?

Travel to Europe, London, Paris, southern France, Italy, anywhere in Ireland, see what it is like to experience “history”. Love as if you will never get hurt. Go Gluten Free for two weeks and see what the difference is. When at the grocery store, only shop on the outsides and leave the frozen pizzas out of the cart. But my guess is that you are more interested in swim/bike/run J… sign up for something, anything, whether it be for a 5k, 10k, marathon, ironman, and train full out. You will never know until you go all in what might change in your life. I have a friend who was nearly 320lbs, ended up losing 140lbs through healthy diet and exercise, and is now a triathlete I (and a very good friend of mine). His life’s turnaround is very inspiring to me and am happy to be part of his life. 

What are you most passionate about?

Being with my family, Washington Huskies, week long bike rides with friends, training with my wife (we have turned this into date nights and days), going for beers with the guys, running across the finish line of any ironman event (it’s a huge adrenaline rush!), anything with my son (cooking, golfing, road trips to university, traveling to Europe). There’s a lot of passion in my life, so to limit is to “the most”  is really tough.

What is something you would do differently in your training or your blogging if you could do it all over again?

Well, for the training side, it really following my plans. When I followed it to the T during the first ironman, I had such a rewarding experience. When I slacked off the plans the last two years, I paid a real price, including a trip to the medical tent in 2010… not a good feeling.

If you would like more information about Mitch Roberts, visit his blog, www.mitchr.sweat365.com.

Feb 242011

I’m a machine.

Weekly Amount:

Running = 14 miles
Biking = 48 miles
Swimming = 4000 M or 2.5 miles
Total Amount: 64.5 miles

Overall Amount:

Running = 91.5 miles (19.5 miles to San Diego)
Biking = 273 miles (142 miles to San Francisco)
Swimming = 33,200 meters or 20.7 miles (16.6 miles to Los Angeles)
Total = 383.5 miles (31.5 miles to San Fransisco)


Zeb Bikes to Vegas

Feb 232011

After finishing the race, I was exhausted, but my knees were definitely hurting me the most.  After I got a chance to get my medal and some water, I wanted to make sure that I was at the finish line to cheer on my brother, so I got in position.  He told me that his first time for the half marathon was around 2:45.  I suspected that he would beat that time, but I did not know that he would beat it by as much as he did.

I watched my brother come down the ramp and make his burst towards the finish line as my Mom, Dad and I cheered him on.  He looked good and finished with a time of 2:20 crushing his previous best.  We huffed and puffed and laid on the grass on the 50 yard line at the Rose Bowl, both exhausted, but thrilled that we did as good as we did. 

We looked at each other and nodded approvingly, knowing that we had done something special.  At the 50-yard line of The Rose Bowl, we completed our first race.   We are now, officially, The Running Brothers . . . and our journey has only just begun.

Feb 222011

We are now two weeks out from our Half Marathon and I think I have had ample time to reflex on all the post race happenings. So after I crossed the finish line I run into my dad who was the camera man on the spot  to get my across the line celebration. I tried to stand near the water table but my legs were not cooperating so instead I stagered arround the water table where I must have had me about 17 waters.

By that time my brother and mom and come to join me. A few hugs, some smiling, some kodax moments and more water I was starting to feel my legs sturdy up. We chated about our times and I find out my brother nearly broke two hours, just amazing for someone who didn’t even know they would be running 13.1 miles that day. He did great and I was only 14 minutes behind him. My brother is training very hard and I knew I would slower but I was only 14 minutes behind him, that felt great.

I was able to control my drunk-like stagger but my knees were hurting… BAD. However, I hurt much less than my first half marathon which was a very welcome surprise. My parents headed off to their to the house and Zeb and I enjoyed being on the Rose Bowl playing field for a few minutes. We got to watch a lot more finishers, I looked up and realized if I ran at the same time as my last marathon I would still be running at 2:42. It felt great to finish early.

We decided we wanted to get breakfast at a local breakfast joint to finish off our Pasadena experience. I was able to operate my stickshift transmission and we drove down Colorado Street looking for a good local place. After several miles we weren’t having very much luck and turn toward the 210 freeway to head to our local joint Bravo Burger, then we see Tommy’s.

I had seen Tommy’s resturantes so I knew it wasn’t a local small business but I had never eaten there. Well if you every want to cancel out the calories burned from a half marathon go to Tommy’s. Chilli Cheese everything. It probably wasn’t the best choice but I needed to get something so we scarfed down the chili cheese burgers and headed home.

For the rest of the day getting up and sitting down was rather difficult and we still had to do SuperBowl in a few hours. I was attending a gathering across town and was concerned that would involve a lot of getting up and sitting down. As it turns out I stood most of the game and managed to drink tons of water. I tried to eat a lot of fruits because I heard they may stop muscle cramps. Fortunently, I didn’t get any cramps but my knees hurt.

Over the next three days, my legs were sore but I was still able to get around. After about a week my knee pain was fading to almost nothing. As for my race experience I thought it would be over once the pain gone but I was wrong.

I had a difficult time getting back to training. Although my body didn’t hurt any more I just didn’t feel like training. So I turned to google and started to type in “post race…” and the very first thing that shows up is “post race blues.”  I guess what I was feeling was pretty normal. So it has been 2 weeks and I have been pretty relaxed on my training and I was feeling guilty but thats normal apparently.

Now that I know this feeling is normal, I feel better and today is the start of my continued training.

Feb 212011

Running has been a part of America since it’s founding.  During Clinton’s presidency, it was common to see videos of him running around town.  Little do most people know that presidents use to participate in actual foot races.  One of these races was actually recorded on video and it had four racers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. 

Many people pressured these presidents to come out of retirement to see who was the best after all.  The former presidents trained for months to get into race shape.  Which president won?  See for yourself . . . .