The following is what was written for our first blog entry here on runningbrothers.com. It explains what we’re doing here very well.

Today is the start of a journey.  A journey that will put two brothers to the ultimate test.  One brother will become an Iron Man, the other, a Marathoner.  The brothers hope to chronicle the adventures and mishaps that occur in the long process of training and competing. Both are starting with minimal training and hope this blog will document the transformations (physical and mental), while growing closer as brothers. Currently, we have one supporter, our sister, Lacey Welborn. Join her. Follow our escapades. Send us words of encouragement, praise, advice or mockery.

And now it begins… RunningBrothers.com. Join us on our journey. Watch us rise from the depths of endurance mediocrity to outright long distance fiends. Witness our pains and frustrations from 5k and 10k runs early in our training before we dominate those same distances without breaking a sweat. Observe the physical and mental metamorphosis that we shall surely go through. Join us on this long and difficult journey from start to finish. “Bang!” (That was the starter pistol.) We’re off and running!

If you have any questions for us please send an email to runningbros@gmail.com.

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  1. Hey Zeb and Rocky,

    This is your Uncle Mike (Miguelito) formerly from East Africa. A couple times I visited your home while you were growing up in Corona. I am the only man alive who was able to drink your dad under the table. Little did I know that you guys would later become an Iron Man and a marathoner. I would have drunk less beer and more gatorade!

    Your mission is inspiring and I hope to follow you along the way. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the journey.

    All the Best

    • Uncle Miguelito,

      Thanks for the comment. I remember meeting you and your family once when we were really young. We’re glad that you were abld to drink our Dad under the table . . . haha. We look forward to hearing from you in the future. As a former CSPA grad, we would love any tips you could offer us.

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