Jan 172013
The Running Brothers, Invisible Shoes and Shark Tank

The Running Brothers, Invisible Shoes and Shark Tank

For those of you that are raving fans of The Running Brothers you may remember a movie we did a while back titled, The Running Brothers and Their Invisible Shoes. If you remember our video we applaud you for being such an amazing individual.

We made the movie because Invisible Shoes (Xero Shoes) recognized our Running Brothers blog as one of the preeminent blogs in the running world and so they sent us a free sample of the Invisible Shoes to try out for ourselves.

Steven Sashen, the owner of Invisible Shoes, informed us via email that he would be on Shark Tank on February 1, 2013 . . . Now, the company is called Xero Shoes and is excited about the opportunity presented to them.

Did The Running Brothers Movie make the cut??? There’s only one way to find out . . . Watch the Shark Tank on February 1!

Nov 222011

Our friends over at the Invisible Shoes (huaraches) are having their annual Anniversary Sale. 

Visit their website and purchase their shoes.  They make an excellent gift for the Holidays and have a wide variety of uses.  See all the uses we came up with for the Invisible Shoes (Huaraches).

“Okay, it’s official, the Invisible Shoes 2nd Anniversary sale is ON!

From now until midnight, November 28th, you can get 25% off everything at http://www.InvisibleShoe.com/store including, Custom-Made Invisible Shoes, FeelTrue™ kits, extra laces, decorative add-ons, and even the limited edition Colored Vibram Cherry kits.

That INCLUDES 25% off of the already discounted prices on our exclusive FeelTrue™outsoles.”

Oct 182011

The day had finally come where we were going to unvail our latest Running Brothers Movie. Lacey had devoted a lot of time and effort to editing our film and we were eagerly awaiting the outcome. The whole Running Brothers clan was there along with close family and friends, including many of our heroes.

The movie began and laughs immediately ensued. Our fans erupted in laughter again and again out the outlandishness of our latest Running Brothers Movie. When all was said and done we gathered around and dissected the meaning of the film along with our favorite parts.

Each person seemed to find something they liked differently about our movie. My favorite part was invisible duck hunting.

What was your favorite part? Comment below and let us know.