Jun 072011

@OrgasmicChef called us buggers!  The nerve!!!  Wait, what the heck is a “bugger?” 

Since starting this website, we have learned so much.  We have learned about the “Farmer’s Blow,” “Going Gluten Free,” “The Post Race Blues and the “Chamois” (all of which you can find here, http://runningbrothers.com/category/new-vocabulary/

Now, I have heard Australian’s or New Zealander’s say “bugger” before, but I never really knew what it meant.  So, after calling us “buggers,” which I considered an offensive term, @OrgasmicChef sent us this video explaining the word.

After watching the video, I still have no idea what it means.  I think we were called jerks . . . What do you think?

Apr 022011
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Mar 152011

When I completed The Rose Bowl Half-Marathon, I was stoked. I had such a good time and was proud that I was able to complete the entire course without ever having even come close to running that kind of distance before. After the race; however, it was a different story. My knees were killing me and I could barely walk let alone train for anything.

That is when the Post Race Blues grabbed a hold of me. I became extremely depressed and questioned everything I was doing from my business to my friends and family. It was a time of self-reflection, but boy it hit me hard. My brother mentioned the post race blues in one of his articles which got me wondering if other athletes experienced the same things. Turns out many of them do.

One google search provided a plethora of articles about the Post Race Blues which is highly common. Many people attributed it to the accomplishment of a goal and then having to decide what the next goal should be, but for me this wasn’t the case. Because I had no idea that I would be running a half marathon until just a few hours before the event.

Many people attribute the post race blues to the reactions in your body that accompany the amount of physical exertion that takes place in a run that long, especially when someone is not appropriately trained and this sounds right to me. The post race blues was a difficult time for me, but it only lasted a few days and once my legs began to heal and I was able to get back to my training all was right with the world again.