Mar 182011

The running brothers have a big weekend this weekend. Zeb has been doing great with his training and I have been…..well I am trying. But this weekend is going to Vegas for a bachalor party for one of our heros.

We obviously have to go to Las Vegas because the running brothers support our heros and if we happen to have a good time in the process we do. We were talking and my brother said he wanted to get all of his training in this week before we head out to vegas. I on the other hand, am not a stud, and can’t do that so I am left with a question: Should I party hard or tame things down as part of my training and preparation for the marathon on May 1?

After a mental debate I have come to the conclusion that partying is part of training. We need to have a good time every once in a while to help keep us focused on our goals and give our minds a break.

So I am gonna party….. no…. train super hard this weekend. But don’t worry we will figure out a way to not get into to much trouble.

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