Jun 072011

@OrgasmicChef called us buggers!  The nerve!!!  Wait, what the heck is a “bugger?” 

Since starting this website, we have learned so much.  We have learned about the “Farmer’s Blow,” “Going Gluten Free,” “The Post Race Blues and the “Chamois” (all of which you can find here, http://runningbrothers.com/category/new-vocabulary/

Now, I have heard Australian’s or New Zealander’s say “bugger” before, but I never really knew what it meant.  So, after calling us “buggers,” which I considered an offensive term, @OrgasmicChef sent us this video explaining the word.

After watching the video, I still have no idea what it means.  I think we were called jerks . . . What do you think?

  2 Responses to “You’re a Bugger!!! Orgasmic Chef’s are Mean.”

  1. I’m cracking up! How could ANYONE be rude to you? Certainly not me.

    I think you’re cute buggers 🙂

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