May 042011
  1. – The now world famous Running Brother’s is up on our website.  We had to break the movie into two parts.  David Archuleta even wanted to audition for the next Running Brother’s movie.  We told him we’d think about it.  The movies have received wide acclaim by critics everywhere and has reached almost 450 views on
  2. – This month we interviewed two new heroes, Greg Hardesty, who works with my father at The Orange County Register and Peter Engwall from 
  3. – Rocky Duran and Chris Sydow joined The Running Brothers team.  We ran for several miles together and are planning on running together a lot more often.
  4. – We decided we needed to buy new running shoes and headed to A Snail’s Pace in Brea.  We were helped by the friendly staff on hand who set us up with our brand new running shoes.
  5. – Rocky wrote three amazing posts this month.  “I’m Back” announced his return to The Running Brothers blog after a mini-hiatus.  “Novelty Running” focused on his obsession with shopping for useless gadgets.  And “Melt Downs and Blow Ups” asked our heroes for their favorite racing experiences.
  6. – We completed our series on the 2011 Los Alamitos Race on the Base where we discussed the race, our preparation for it and how we felt afterwards.
  7. – We took a leisurely bike ride along the Pacific Electric Bike Trail, find our opinions about it here.
  8. – I posed the second installment of our Mystery Challenge Series to Rocky.  He has no idea what the mystery challenge will be, but everyone is welcome to join us for the mystery challenge.  If you would like to participate you won’t need to run, bike or swim, although you can if you want to.  Please contact Zeb if you want to get in on the mystery challenge.
  9. – Running in the week before the Orange County Marathon I came across my favorite animal, a Zebra, in my hometown.  It’s amazing the things you can see when you run, bike or swim around a city.

Apr 122011

On a nice Saturday day, I decided to call up my brother to see if he wanted to go for a bike ride and he said, “Absolutely.”  So, we met up and looked up bike trails in our area on Google Maps.  We found tons of different trails in our area, so we went to the closest one.  Turns out Google Maps “sucks” when it comes to planning out bike trail routes.  We went to three different ones and all of them were innaccessible.  But, we traveled from one to the next until we finally found one . . . The Pacific Electric Bike Trail.

The Pacific Electric Trail is supposed to be able to connect Rialto to Claremont; however, the trail is not complete.  According to, the trail should be completed in 2011.  But we got on the trail somewhere in Rancho Cucamonga and headed west.  The trail was a really easy ride with virtually no hills.  The only problem for me was that you had to wait at a signal every time the trail crossed paths with a street, which was quite often. 

But we reached a dead end where some construction was going on, so we turned around and headed east for quite a ways until the trail ended in I believe Fontana.  It was a very pleasant ride until we encountered some dangling electrical lines.  Fortunately, my brother was there to snap a quick picture of the event. 

If only I had seen that sign beforehand. 

I had a really nice time with my brother traveling down the Pacific Electric Bike Trail.  It will be interesting when they complete that trail, but I love Claremont and the Upland area and it would be great to just hang out there from time to time and take a nice bike ride along a pleasant trail.