May 032011
Runner Details Race Results
Bib: 2221
Name: Rocky Welborn
Gender: M
Age: 26
Hometown: Corona, CA
Overall: 1561 out of 1657
Men: 953 out of 982
M 25-29: 111 out of 117
Age/Grade: 32.29% Place: 1627
Finish: 6:26:51 Pace: 14:46
Tag Time: 6:26:51
Gun Time: 6:35:21
Split Times
5 Km: 33:43 Pace: 10:51
10 Mi: 1:55:28 Pace: 11:33
11 mi: 2:08:38 Pace: 11:42
Half: 2:35:04 Pace: 11:50
15.5 mi: 3:07:45 Pace: 12:07
18.6 mi: 4:07:01 Pace: 13:17

Rocky at Mile 9 of the Orange County Marathon

May 022011
Bib: 2222
Name: Zeb Welborn
Gender: M
Age: 30
Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
Overall: 1317 out of 1657
Men: 835 out of 982
M 30-34: 97 out of 108
Age/Grade: 37.90% Place: 1504
Finish: 5:29:36 Pace: 12:35
Tag Time: 5:29:36
Gun Time: 5:38:05
Split Times
5 Km: 32:51 Pace: 10:35
10 Mi: 1:47:23 Pace: 10:45
11 mi: 1:58:10 Pace: 10:45
Half: 2:20:01 Pace: 10:41
15.5 mi: 2:46:10 Pace: 10:44
18.6 mi: 3:27:24 Pace: 11:10


Zeb at Mile 9 of the Orange County Marathon

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May 012011

In honor of our first marathon, the OC Marathon, I wanted to post some pictures of my brother and I running which you may or may not have seen yet.  Thank you for following our blogs and wish us luck.  Today is a big day for The Running Brothers.  Our race starts at 6 AM at Fashion Island in Costa Mesa and not really sure where it finishes, but keep us in your thoughts and wish us well.

Apr 302011

Tomorrow is the big day, our first marathon.  I spent the past couple of days on a vacation in Temecula and now, I am prepared to run my first ever marathon.  My brother picked up all the race information for us yesterday and we are preparing for our race, starting at 6 AM tomorrow morning. 

Are we excited? 


Are we nervous? 


Are we scared as ______________?  (you fill in the blank)


We are looking forward to the Orange County Marathon tomorrow.  We hope that all of our heroes (and if you’re reading this then that means you) are thinking about us tomorrow.  When you wake up, we’ll be at mile 1o or 11 and by the time you’re awake and ready to tackle the day . . . we’ll have completed 26.2 . . . hopefully.  (fingers crossed)

Apr 292011

Just got back from a lovely vacation in Temecula . . . well, semi-lovely.  Turns out it’s not the greatest place for someone who has quit drinking alcohol.  Temecula is known for it’s vast arrays of wineries.  As a younger man, I have been there on several occasions and dabbled with a little wine tasting here and there.  It was a good experience back then, s0 I figured, what the heck, let’s go back again.  While I had a good time in Temecula, it was definitely a different kind of good time.

I do have a recommendation for all of you planning on visiting the wineries or spending time in Temecula. . . Don’t Drink and Drive!  Within the first 10 minutes of arriving in Temecula we saw 5 different cars pulled over by police officers and that was the theme of the trip.  Every time we left our hotel were cops pulling people over on the side of the road.  And not only at night, but at all hours of the day.  If you’re thinking about visiting the wineries in Temecula, make sure you have a designated driver, hop aboard a shuttle or take a limo. 

Temecula even has it’s own casino . . . well, Indian casino.  This indian casino has blown up in the past couple of years and has a wide array of table games and slot machines.  A true gambler’s paradise.  We didn’t do much gambling, but we did slip in a twenty and won two bucks . . . that’s a ten percent profit!

Overall, we had a great time visiting Temecula and would recommend it.  It was great to stop my training altogether the last couple of days and let my legs rest.  My brother and I are hoping that we’re ready for the Orange County Marathon, although, to be honest with you, neither of us is sure that we are.

Apr 262011

I’m scared! 

Not really, but I quit training for our first marathon in 6 days.  My knee was bothering me on each run, so I decided to rest it entirely until we run in the Orange County Marathon. 

I have been getting a lot of advice the last few days about my knee and the consensus is that it is a problem associated with the IT Band.  Wikipedia had some information on the IT Band which you can find by clicking here:  But basically, it is what my sister and my brother’s girlfriend’s sister, an athletic trainer, had told me all along.  That I would need to stretch the IT Band and the more stretching that I could do to it, the less likely it would be that it would hurt me in the future. 

Starting tomorrow, I think I am going to go to the gym to lightly work out my upper body and stretch my IT Band and maybe do some brief elliptical work.  With just six days to go I’m a little stressed about the prospect of running a full marathon, but I’m excited as well.  At least I will know that I will have a time to improve on for future races.

Apr 142011

Time is running out and we are about to run our first marathon.  I have tried training the last three days, but have had to stop early each time because I get this pain in my knee.  Yesterday was my longest run so far.  I ran 4.5 miles, but had to stop on account of the knee.  My brother and I have decided to go to A Snails Pace, a running store in Brea to see if they can get us properly fitted for some shoes. 

I’m excited to see if a difference can be made just by the types of shoes I would be wearing.  I really hope that it does, because I want to be able to complete this marathon.

Apr 052011

The race was a success.  It was a lot of fun watching Rocky cross the finish line and swimming in the pool.  Quite a crowd had developed cheering on people in the pool and my brother entered the pool just as I was getting out, so I got to watch him make the 200 meter swim in the pool.   He did a great job and my family and I came to meet him as he crossed the finish line. 

Zeb and Rocky Finish The Race on the Base

Afterwards we traveled to a local hamburger shop and were able to talk about the run with our family.  It’s great to have such strong supporters and to be able to involve them in our accomplishments together.

We had completed our second event together and with our next event, the Orange County Marathon, we still have a lot of prep work to do, but we are The Running Brothers after all, so I’m sure when May 1 comes we will be ready to complete our first full marathon together.  It’s only one month away, but I know that this is going to be the toughest thing I’ve ever done, I just hope I can last.

Feb 012011

The date is set for my first attempt at my goal to run the marathon. May 1, 2011. The Orange County marathon will be my day of achievement or my first attempt at the 26.2 miles. Either way I think it is going to be fun.

During the registration process they ask what your expected pace will be. Well I put in for 4 hours and 20 minutes and 4 hours for my brother. This is our first marathon so lets see where our time falls.

My brother has said he thinks this Ironman is going to be easier than he originally thought, recently the pace of the bike has concerned him but I think the pounding of a marathon will also be an awakening. But that is why he factored it in to his training program. To ge ready for full Marathon I found something to help me get ready and asked my brother to join me by framing it as a mystery challenge, (this sunday).

Wish us luck on the Marathon and if you want to enter it with us feel free or maybe try the half marathon or 5km run.