May 012011

In honor of our first marathon, the OC Marathon, I wanted to post some pictures of my brother and I running which you may or may not have seen yet.  Thank you for following our blogs and wish us luck.  Today is a big day for The Running Brothers.  Our race starts at 6 AM at Fashion Island in Costa Mesa and not really sure where it finishes, but keep us in your thoughts and wish us well.

  2 Responses to “Orange County Marathon Day”

  1. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You looked like you finished strong and still had a smile on your faces. Recover with an ice bath and get back on the road soon =)!


    The ASP Crew

    • Thank you very much the ASP crew. I’m still skeptical about ice baths, but I definitely need a few days to recover. We used the shoes we bought at your store for the race.

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