Apr 052011

The race was a success.  It was a lot of fun watching Rocky cross the finish line and swimming in the pool.  Quite a crowd had developed cheering on people in the pool and my brother entered the pool just as I was getting out, so I got to watch him make the 200 meter swim in the pool.   He did a great job and my family and I came to meet him as he crossed the finish line. 

Zeb and Rocky Finish The Race on the Base

Afterwards we traveled to a local hamburger shop and were able to talk about the run with our family.  It’s great to have such strong supporters and to be able to involve them in our accomplishments together.

We had completed our second event together and with our next event, the Orange County Marathon, we still have a lot of prep work to do, but we are The Running Brothers after all, so I’m sure when May 1 comes we will be ready to complete our first full marathon together.  It’s only one month away, but I know that this is going to be the toughest thing I’ve ever done, I just hope I can last.

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