Sep 182011

The world premier for our Third Running Brothers Movie is set for September 24 at 10 PM PST.

The Third Running Brothers film features The Invisible Shoe.  The Invisible Shoe plays an integral role in the development of our story in the most exciting Running Brothers film yet.  You will be on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film.  It will make you laugh, cry and experience every emotion known to man as you follow the intense journey of The Running Brothers as their characters undergo deep transformations when the Invisible Shoe is introduced into their lives.

Without a doubt, this third film, is The Running Brother’s finest.

Here is a Sneak Peek . . . a little taste of what you can expect when the movie premiers on www.RunningBrothers.com

If you’re interested in checking out Invisible Shoes go here:

Sep 152011

We recently completed the filming of our Third Running Brothers Movie.  In the movie we will be featuring the Invisible Shoe.  Somehow, the makers of the Invisible Shoe found us online and sent us a pair of shoes to try out.

The Invisible Shoe is designed to help barefoot runners.  The Invisible Shoe is a sandal that you can use when running.  The sandal is designed to protect the feet of those people who are interested in barefoot running.

We previously posted an article about Huaraches, which is essentially the same thing as the Invisible Shoe.

If you enjoyed our first two-part Running Brothers Movie, this one blows that one out of the water.  I don’t want to give away our movie, but all I can say is . . . you will never laugh harder.

If you’re interested in barefoot running and want to check out Invisible Shoes go here:

Apr 272011

Many of you may not know this, but I was working for a photographer running film back and forth from the rafters at the Anaheim Ducks games during the playoffs.  The work was not difficult, I simply had to go into the rafters of the Honda Center in between periods and change out the sim cards for the camera’s that were positioned at the top of the building.  Prior to the game, I was asked by the photographer of the Ducks to assist in the photographing of David Archuleta who was singing the National Anthem that night.  I was introduced by the photographer and shook his hand a couple of times.

He seemed like a really nice guy and was smiling constantly displaying his upbeat attitude.  I posted on my Facebook page that I was “hanging out” with David Archuleta and got a plethora of responses and jokingly, I said that he wanted to audition in the next Running Brothers Movie.  I got a good laugh out of that comment and decided to post it to my Twitter page.  The next thing I knew I was getting David Archuleta fans telling me how happy they were that he was going to be in our movie and watching our movie and making comments about it.  Although I had no idea that my Twitter post would lead to that reaction it was kind of cool.  We even had several of his fan sites pick up the story and run with it, saying things like, “David Archuleta to be in the next Running Brothers Movie.”  It was very cool, but I do want to clarify that I didn’t mean to be deceptive, I just thought it was a funny joke for my followers. 

Anyways, it was a lot of fun getting people to check out our movie and very interesting to see how die-hard David Archuleta fans are.  One thing I can say for certain is that David Archuleta is a super cool dude and if he were interested in being in the next Running Brothers Movie we would love to have him.

This was the picture that I helped to take of David Archuleta at the Anaheim Ducks game.

Apr 132011

The Running Brothers: Part 1 will be released at 12:01 AM Friday morning.  We had to break the movie down into two parts because it was too long.  The movie, seen by a select few, has received high praise thus far.  Just listen to the rave reviews of our critics.

“That was a funny movie.” – Grandma

“It looked like you guys had fun.” – Dad

“Hahahahaha.” – Mom

“A great movie.” – Sister

“I haven’t laughted that hard in a long time.” – Dusty

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought.” – Cindy

Be prepared for one of the greatest movie events of 2011 with the opening of The Running Brothers.  The movie will not be shown in theaters and will only be available to those who visit our website,  See you at one minute after midnight on Thursday.

Apr 112011

We premiered our first Running Brothers Movie and it was a smashing success.  The release of our movie is still a few days away, but the editing and sound in the film are award worthy and while the acting may be sub-par, the story line is killer.  If you want, you can check out our screen play to the movie in a previous post.  Although we did ad-lib from time to time, for the most part we kept to the script. 

We’re excited to show you all our film, but it’s going to take us a couple of days in preparation to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.