Sep 152011

We recently completed the filming of our Third Running Brothers Movie.  In the movie we will be featuring the Invisible Shoe.  Somehow, the makers of the Invisible Shoe found us online and sent us a pair of shoes to try out.

The Invisible Shoe is designed to help barefoot runners.  The Invisible Shoe is a sandal that you can use when running.  The sandal is designed to protect the feet of those people who are interested in barefoot running.

We previously posted an article about Huaraches, which is essentially the same thing as the Invisible Shoe.

If you enjoyed our first two-part Running Brothers Movie, this one blows that one out of the water.  I don’t want to give away our movie, but all I can say is . . . you will never laugh harder.

If you’re interested in barefoot running and want to check out Invisible Shoes go here:

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