Jan 012012

Last year, I planned on training for the Ironman and did a pretty good job with my training regimen.  I managed to train week up until my birthday in the middle of March.  As with all New Year’s Resolutions, some stick while others do not.  This year, I plan on staying physically fit throughout the year.  I have another big goal with my social media business, Welborn Social Media, which will hinder me from my full-on training for the Ironman.

My ultimate goal is to complete the Ironman, but I don’t think 2012 will be the year for that.  Perhaps next year it will be.  This year, I’d like to try and do one activity designed to promote my physical health every day.  One of the biggest deterrents from running was the feeling that I was doing some major damage to my knees.  Even today, months after my brother and I did our first marathon I can still feel the impact it left on my knees.

My first mission of the year is to develop an understanding of what a proper running technique is and to develop a proper playlist on my iPod so I can have some nice things to listen to while I’m training.

Would anyone like to share your New Year’s resolutions?

Have a great 2012!

Jun 082011

Music and Ipods have become a huge part of training these days and my brother and I have always tried to find the perfect music or podcasts to listen to on our runs.  We post this question to our Twitter followers every once in a while in order to see what other people listen to. 

@TheRoad2WD responded with a blog post that he had written for his website, http://road2warriordash.wordpress.com/.  His blog post on his Ipod selection can be found here, http://road2warriordash.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/the-road-beyond-warrior-dash-its-not-my-fault-you-hate-your-boyfriend/.  It’s quite the collection of music and I would love to generate a comprehensive list of some of the best podcasts and music to listen to while training.  Feel free to add music to our list by commenting on our website.