Feb 272011

Upon returning from my first half-marathon, my knees were killing me.  Running on the trail, my knees were constantly moving in awkward angles and for the following week, I was in pain.  Obviously, my training suffered as a result.  I stopped going to the gym for a few days after the race to let my body recoup. 

But, since I wasn’t allowing myself to get out to exercise I experienced a form of mild depression.  After reading one of my brothers posts, he mentioned something called the Post-Race Blues and I definitely experienced that.  Before reading it, I believed that it was because I was on my man period.  But, now I know it was the post-race blues that I was experiencing.  It only lasted a couple of days and once I was able to get back into the gym I felt much better about my situation. 

Do any of you know how to prepare your knees better for those long races?  Have any of you experienced the Post-Race Blues?

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