Feb 232011

After finishing the race, I was exhausted, but my knees were definitely hurting me the most.  After I got a chance to get my medal and some water, I wanted to make sure that I was at the finish line to cheer on my brother, so I got in position.  He told me that his first time for the half marathon was around 2:45.  I suspected that he would beat that time, but I did not know that he would beat it by as much as he did.

I watched my brother come down the ramp and make his burst towards the finish line as my Mom, Dad and I cheered him on.  He looked good and finished with a time of 2:20 crushing his previous best.  We huffed and puffed and laid on the grass on the 50 yard line at the Rose Bowl, both exhausted, but thrilled that we did as good as we did. 

We looked at each other and nodded approvingly, knowing that we had done something special.  At the 50-yard line of The Rose Bowl, we completed our first race.   We are now, officially, The Running Brothers . . . and our journey has only just begun.

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