Mar 132011

I finished my first triathalon and I felt good. Our support crew was there and everybody was all smiles. I found out Zeb didn’t have to wait too long for my which was a relief. He was training really hard and I should have trained more.

Zeb and I felt great and after grabbing a few waters it was time to start getting out of there. We tippy toed back to the transition zone, trying to avoid the smallest of pebbles but I think I found everyone. I immediately got my shoes back on and was able to walk normal. We cleaned up our area, gave our support to the competitors heading to the swim and walked our bike to the exit station.

I was getting close to lunch time and we wanted to try a local resturant. We headed down Katella Avenue looking for anything that looked unique and good. So we ended up at what looked like most exciting resturant in town, “BEST BURGERS.” Whoever thought of that name, brillent. So we tried a few burritos at “Best Burgers.” They were good and but the company of our support crew was the best.

My first triathalon was completed. Zeb finished his second and the running brothers were one step closer to our goals.

Thanks to all of our supporters and we look forward to keeping you informed of our future activities.

Feb 262011

I woke up from limited sleep today very exctited! Today is my first triathalon, Zeb has already done one before. When I was younger I always thought I would be doing these things all the time once I got out of school… on well a late start is better than never doing it at all.

I had limited time to get ready this morning and by nature I am a forgetful person so i looked up race day checklists and below is what I found:


Swim suit (check) , Wetsuit (that would be nice becasue I think we are having record low temps but we dont have any), Goggles (good ideal but i dont have those either), swim cap (Don’t have it and I dont want to mess up my hair), Lubricant or anti-chafe (have way to much of that jk), Towel (Check), Ear Plugs (dont need um).


Bike (got it), Helmet (would have forgot it), Bike shorts (got um but they still dont help), Bike shoes (same as my running shoes), Sunglasses (good idea), Water Bottles ( Check), Energy Gel ( I will get some), Bike Gloves (dont have um), Spare tube (dont have it).  I added my own here, tire pump (check).


Race shoes with quick laces (well I have shoes), Cap or Visor (scotch lobster hat is already on), Lubricant for feet (I dont know why but you know my situation on lubricant), race number (we will pick that up at the race), Energy Gel (We will get some).


Warm cloths or rain Clothes (its cold and rainy.. Check). Sunscreen(check), bag (check), Extra Energy Gel (I am gonna have way to much energy gel), Sandals (got it), Change of Cloths for post race ( check).

I am not sure if i am prepared enough but we will see. Wish us luck.

Feb 142011

I did not know how Valentine’s came to be, but I wanted to find out.  According to several articles that I had read, their are several competing theories on the actual origin of Valentine’s Day, but I want to focus on one story in particular that I found most interesting.

Some historians believe that Valentine’s Day was adapted from an Ancient Roman Festival called Lupercalia.  February 15 used to represent the beginning of Spring, was a time for purification and represented a time for fertility.  Apparently, priests would sacrifice a goat, which represented fertility and a dog, which represented purification.  The local boys in town would then carry the goat hides and slap the single women in town.  Women encouraged this as they believed that it led to increased fertility.  Later that day, all single women in the village would place their names in a large urn and all the single men would pick names our of a hat and the other person would be their partner for the year.  This often resulted in marriage.

My brother and I have decided to return back to our humble beginnings and have purchased goat hides soaked in blood and plan to run around our village slapping single women with our goat hides to represent the beginning of the fertility season and to signal a time of renewed purification.

For more information about The History of Valentine’s Day, click here –

Feb 122011

My brother surprised me with a trip to the Rose Bowl where we were going to run a Half-Marathon.  I had never done a Half-Marathon before, and not only that, I was going to do it with no sleep and not having prepared for one.  We made it to the Rose Bowl around 7 AM, which gave us an hour to get ourself situated and mentally prepared for the race . . . in other words, it gave us an hour to goof around.

Around 7:30, my brother and I were in for another big surprise.  My parents, unknown to my brother and I, showed up to support us.  Not only that, but they had some Running Brothers T-shirts that they made themselves, which looked exactly like ours.  Having them there to support us was really great, not only that, but a lot of the racers that were there that day were commenting on how cool our shirts were.  And . . . I must admit . . . they are pretty awesome.

The Welborn Family at The Rose Bowl

It was nearing 8 AM and we were about to do our first event together, a complete surprise to me . . .

Stay Tuned for Part #3 . . .

Feb 012011

The date is set for my first attempt at my goal to run the marathon. May 1, 2011. The Orange County marathon will be my day of achievement or my first attempt at the 26.2 miles. Either way I think it is going to be fun.

During the registration process they ask what your expected pace will be. Well I put in for 4 hours and 20 minutes and 4 hours for my brother. This is our first marathon so lets see where our time falls.

My brother has said he thinks this Ironman is going to be easier than he originally thought, recently the pace of the bike has concerned him but I think the pounding of a marathon will also be an awakening. But that is why he factored it in to his training program. To ge ready for full Marathon I found something to help me get ready and asked my brother to join me by framing it as a mystery challenge, (this sunday).

Wish us luck on the Marathon and if you want to enter it with us feel free or maybe try the half marathon or 5km run.

Jan 292011

Today was a great day! My life has been very busy lately and I rarely have the time to get bored. So I was siting on the couch about 11:30 and thought what am I gonna do today. Well  called for clear day and a high of 68, sounds like a great day, right?  So I went to google maps and looked for something I have never been too, Lake Mathews is 16.2 miles from my house.

I figured I could check out something new and if it was a nice lake we could use it as an open water swimming lake to help Zeb practise for the Ironman. I started through the City and after stoping at, what felt like 100 signals I finally got out in to the “country.”

The thing about the “country” that I got to was that it was hilly country and hills are not made for me. But I was determined to get to my selected destination. So after several breaks and some tense moments with some trucks on the hills up to the hill I finally got to what I thought was the last hill. As I came over the hill there was nothing but more hills, but google maps on my phone said I was right next to it.

I was a little upset at first thinking that Lake Mathews was not really a lake. But I decide to go a little farther and cleared a small hill and there it was, and it was very nice. But I could only get as close a chain link fence which looked like it went arround the whole thing. So based on that I believe there is no recreastion or swimming at this lake, bummer.

Then it was time to come home and the relaxing ride was very nice. I really feel good that I turned a potential couch day in to a bike day.

Jan 262011

Since we are new to this whole blogging thing, I did not want to offend anyone by deleting comments.  But, as stated in a previous post, we were being innundated with massive amounts of spam comments about our blog.  Some genuine and others not so much.  Something had to be done.

It was really tough not to want to add the ones that said nice things about us, but like the saying goes, flattery will get you no where. 

Today, we are making the decision to delete all spam posts, because we want to generate genuine discussion on our website, so to our commenters, be genuine . . . like the heroes you are.

Jan 232011

What do Penis Enlargment, Getting Taller, Male Enhancement and the movie, The Tourist have in common?

They have all commented on our blog.  We began our website a little over a month ago and already have over 100 comments.  Thank you to those of you who have posted constructive comments onto our website, we truly appreciate it.  You are our heroes.  But, there is a darker side to this whole blogging thing, the spammers.

I know that they are not real, but what if they were?  So, this post is dedicated to those commenters who may or may not be real people. 

“just notice! Increase link popularity to get ranked on google, please submit your blog or website to our directory.” — male enhancement

Ahhh, yes, sign me up!  I would love to help get ranked on google by someone named Male Enhancement.  Sounds legitimate, in fact I have heard that male enhancement does increase your popularity, but maybe not so much with Google.

“People who own blogs just like yours are making a full time income from blogging to the bank’s free money making blog. The highest earning blogger using our free blogs is making $456.98 per day, and you can too! Quit your day job using this.” — WordPress Cash

Great advice!  Quit your job and blog all day because the highest earning blogger makes $456.98 per day.  That’s like saying, “Hey, quit your day job and play baseball all day, the highest earning baseball player makes $68,493.15 per day.”  If the wealthiest guy is making $456.98 per day, that’s not much to brag about when you compare it to other professions.  So, yes, by all means encourage people to quit their day jobs so that they can give you money . . . nice.

“Hi,good article. Informations are very usefull and saved me many time which I spend on something else instead of searching posts like this Thanks and waiting for more posts like this one.” — Get Taller

This is my favorite post because I think we have gotten 20 of them so far which are all nearly identical.  The only thing is is that these posts go onto our pictures, or are in response to a story . . . absolutely nothing that would save anyone any time.  I mean at least pretend like you read it.

“Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..” — The Tourist

My guess is that this guy tours websites, telling everyone how great their website is.  They have to get as much free advertising for the movie because it was so bad and they spent so much money trying to sell it as a great movie. 

“lol, nice article friend!. I was reminded of my friends about it, maybe I’ll tell her this blog, and some other friends.” — Penis Enlargement

I think that this would be the best name ever.  Although, I’m not sure that he would have many friends, as he says he does, if that were his real name . . . Although, he did say that his friend was a her.

Lastly, I want to close with this . . . most of these people are from penis enlargement or male enhancement services . . . do you think they are trying to tell us something?