Jan 292011

Today was a great day! My life has been very busy lately and I rarely have the time to get bored. So I was siting on the couch about 11:30 and thought what am I gonna do today. Well weather.com  called for clear day and a high of 68, sounds like a great day, right?  So I went to google maps and looked for something I have never been too, Lake Mathews is 16.2 miles from my house.

I figured I could check out something new and if it was a nice lake we could use it as an open water swimming lake to help Zeb practise for the Ironman. I started through the City and after stoping at, what felt like 100 signals I finally got out in to the “country.”

The thing about the “country” that I got to was that it was hilly country and hills are not made for me. But I was determined to get to my selected destination. So after several breaks and some tense moments with some trucks on the hills up to the hill I finally got to what I thought was the last hill. As I came over the hill there was nothing but more hills, but google maps on my phone said I was right next to it.

I was a little upset at first thinking that Lake Mathews was not really a lake. But I decide to go a little farther and cleared a small hill and there it was, and it was very nice. But I could only get as close a chain link fence which looked like it went arround the whole thing. So based on that I believe there is no recreastion or swimming at this lake, bummer.

Then it was time to come home and the relaxing ride was very nice. I really feel good that I turned a potential couch day in to a bike day.

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  1. Bro??? You should have told me. I totally would have rode with you to Lake Matthews. Actually, I rode my bike yesterday as well, on the same trail we took for our big adventure: 43 miles in 3 hours and 30 minutes, I need to pick up the pace if I’m going to be able to do this whole Ironman thing. And thanks for thinking about me, I definitely need to find a place that has some open swimming, because I know I can do the full distance in the pool. It’s out of the pool that I’m worried about.

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