Mar 132011

I finished my first triathalon and I felt good. Our support crew was there and everybody was all smiles. I found out Zeb didn’t have to wait too long for my which was a relief. He was training really hard and I should have trained more.

Zeb and I felt great and after grabbing a few waters it was time to start getting out of there. We tippy toed back to the transition zone, trying to avoid the smallest of pebbles but I think I found everyone. I immediately got my shoes back on and was able to walk normal. We cleaned up our area, gave our support to the competitors heading to the swim and walked our bike to the exit station.

I was getting close to lunch time and we wanted to try a local resturant. We headed down Katella Avenue looking for anything that looked unique and good. So we ended up at what looked like most exciting resturant in town, “BEST BURGERS.” Whoever thought of that name, brillent. So we tried a few burritos at “Best Burgers.” They were good and but the company of our support crew was the best.

My first triathalon was completed. Zeb finished his second and the running brothers were one step closer to our goals.

Thanks to all of our supporters and we look forward to keeping you informed of our future activities.

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