Feb 122011

My brother surprised me with a trip to the Rose Bowl where we were going to run a Half-Marathon.  I had never done a Half-Marathon before, and not only that, I was going to do it with no sleep and not having prepared for one.  We made it to the Rose Bowl around 7 AM, which gave us an hour to get ourself situated and mentally prepared for the race . . . in other words, it gave us an hour to goof around.

Around 7:30, my brother and I were in for another big surprise.  My parents, unknown to my brother and I, showed up to support us.  Not only that, but they had some Running Brothers T-shirts that they made themselves, which looked exactly like ours.  Having them there to support us was really great, not only that, but a lot of the racers that were there that day were commenting on how cool our shirts were.  And . . . I must admit . . . they are pretty awesome.

The Welborn Family at The Rose Bowl

It was nearing 8 AM and we were about to do our first event together, a complete surprise to me . . .

Stay Tuned for Part #3 . . .

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