Oct 182011

The day had finally come where we were going to unvail our latest Running Brothers Movie. Lacey had devoted a lot of time and effort to editing our film and we were eagerly awaiting the outcome. The whole Running Brothers clan was there along with close family and friends, including many of our heroes.

The movie began and laughs immediately ensued. Our fans erupted in laughter again and again out the outlandishness of our latest Running Brothers Movie. When all was said and done we gathered around and dissected the meaning of the film along with our favorite parts.

Each person seemed to find something they liked differently about our movie. My favorite part was invisible duck hunting.

What was your favorite part? Comment below and let us know.

Jan 072011

Sister to the Running Brothers Hello, I am Lacey Welborn of LaceyW.com and sister to the Running Brothers. I am very proud of my brothers for getting all this going. They’ve set ambitious goals for themselves. They told people they knew about their goals and found they have similar goals. They made the decision to help each other stay on track. Then, they started this blog which, will not only track their progress, but also keep them accountable to work towards the goals they have set. Rocky wants to be a marathoner. Zeb wants to become an Iron Man.

Rocky, my twin, used to run cross country in high school. I think he has a very good understanding of the work that he will have do to get into marathon running shape. He knows it will be difficult, but he also knows just what he needs to do to reach the finish line.

Zeb, on the other hand, has no idea what he’s in for. Sure, he’s always played sports and for a while he was a gym rat, but he hasn’t done much in endurance training. Besides the sprint triathlon he ran last year he’s got nothing under his belt. When he told me he wanted to be an Iron Man I thought once he looked into it he’d leave that idea behind and settle on something else. Needless to say I was wrong.

A couple days ago Zeb told about his swim workout. He wanted to see how long he could swim without stopping. When he told me his results I was surprised. He did really well. Zeb says he knows that he can finish the swimming part of the Iron Man in the appropriate amount of time. Perfectly reasonable, BUT then he told me that he thinks completing this Iron Man is going to be a lot easier than he originally thought.

Wait. What!? Easier? It’s insane! Complete a marathon after biking 112 miles and swimming 2.5 miles… to me, it’s CRAZY!

I’m glad he thinks it won’t be too hard. I have to admire his optimism. I will definitely encourage him, but I know there will be road blocks, and I hope he’ll be ready for them.