Mar 012011

We started the month by completing our first half marathon and ended the month by completing Rocky’s first sprint triathalon.  We also wrote some killer articles . . . here is the best of the best for February.

  1. After some rigorous planning, Rocky pulled off his Mystery Challenge for Zeb without a hitch.  Zeb had no idea that he would be running his first half marathon.  Not only that, but it was at The Rose Bowl.  The link will take you through our Rose Bowl Half Marathon Mystery Challenge,
  2. Although the series is not complete, this will give you a taste of our preparation for Rocky’s first triathalon,
  3. We signed up for our first marthon, the OC Marathon on May 1, we announce it in the following article,
  4. One of the greatest things for us is getting new people to join us in our adventures . . . Here are a few suckers who thought they could hang with us,
  5. Valentine’s Day is a day for romance and wooing.  The Running Brothers are experts at wooing women.  See how they celebrated Valentine’s Day by clicking here,
  6. For a lot of people swimming is easy, and for others, not so much.  Read about Zeb’s first experience trying the flip turn,
  7. Zeb got a new bike.  Thanks Chris Carlson for the bike, we got it in prime operating condition.  We hit some snags along the way, but now I have a sweet ride,
  8. An informative piece designed to help increase your chances of success when dieting.
  9. Zeb has managed to keep up his New Years Resolution and is running, biking and swimming more than 65 miles a week.

Thank you for following us, it has been a great experience so far and we’re hoping that it only gets better.

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