Feb 112011

In a previous post, I asked you all how to perform that flippy turny thing that swimmers do everytime that they reach the end of the pool.  One of our heroes, Peter from http://auggiesdad.sweat365.com/, came to my rescue with a video that showed the Flip Turn in action, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtP8xgzm6do

After viewing the video, I decided to test it out.  Normally, when I make it to the gym, the pool and surrounding areas are pretty much empty, but for some reason, that particular day, it was busy.  I decided to try my flip turns on the other side of the pool so as not to embarrass myself if I didn’t do it right. 

For my first attempt, I swam down to the other side of the pool and performed a mid-water somersault . . . water immediately rushed up my nose and I halted mid-turn bringing myself to the top.  Ok, that didn’t work. 

For my second attempt, I performed the mid-water somersault while blowing out through my nose so that water could not rush up my nose.  I coiled my legs up against the wall, and pushed off . . . “THUD!”  My head rammed into the bottom of the pool.  Not only did I not perform it well, but now I was going to have a large bump on the back of my head. 

My following eight attempts all ended in the same manner with either my head, or my hands ramming into the bottom of the pool.  Obviously, I did not get this technique down.  I began to think about it and the pool that I am swimming in is the pool at the gym.  One end is 3.5 feet deep and the other is 5.5 feet deep . . . I am 6’2”.  Perhaps, I could not do this technique properly because it’s impossible at those depths . . . just a thought.  So, I gave up for the day and thought I would ask all of you a follow up question.

Do swimmers still perform the flip turn at 3.5 feet or 5.5 feet?  If so, then I guess I will just have to practice it some more . . . and . . . perhaps . . . wear a helmet.

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  1. Nice job on the attempts! At first, flip turns are awkward. Peter and I swim together on Fridays and he also taught me how to do them. For the deep end, no problem, but on the shallow end, I am always fearful that I am going toslam my head against the bottom. So I just do a quick speed turn by swimming to the edge, grabbing with my right arm, then submerging under the water and pushing off as if I did a flip turn. That way I still get that flip turn feel without the water up the nose!

    • Yeah, I still have a lot to learn, I haven’t even bothered attempting it again, I am going to have to really study that video and work on it, but I’m saving it for a later post, so it’s all good. I’m sure that I will get it eventually.

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