Dec 242010

ZebI had to make a personal stop on our run around San Luis Obispo.  My Grandmother who passed away about 1o years ago spent almost her entire adult life in San Luis Obispo. 

Her husband, William or Chris Hoover, helped to found the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport in April, 1939.  My Grandfather passed away when my mother was a young girl in a plane accident.  My Grandmother remained in San Luis Obispo after his passing and lived right next to the downtown area.

To me, her house was unique and warm.  Grandma Hoover’s house was what I looked forward to visiting every summer.  She was the kindest, sweetest grandma anyone could ask for.  So, on this trip I wanted to stop by her house to remember my Grandmother and all her warmth, considering that by this time I was soaking wet.

One thing I will never forget was the way my Grandma said goodbye every summer when we headed back home.  She would stand on her porch and wave until we were completely out of site.  I imagine my Grandmother like this even today, waving goodbye from her little green house in San Luis Obispo.

Dec 232010

ZebWhile in San Luis Obispo, we decided to try out the CardioTrainer app for the Verizon Droid.

As you read in my brother’s story, the rain was coming down heavily.  I put my phone in a zip lock bag so that it would not get wet.  We ran around the city and stopped at select locations in order to take pictures. 

Basically, you establish a workout, in this case we selected the running workout.  Music plays throughout the workout.  You can upload your own music, but the music was not to our liking, so we quickly disabled it. 

Using GPS, the app records your running route.  Below is a map of our first run using CardioTrainer.

Every time you stop along your path for any longer than 30 seconds, the app automatically pauses.  We stopped several times on our run and the workout resumes on its own once you start running again, although I wasn’t sure about this so I kept manually restarting it.

The biggest problem was that the app did not follow our complete route.  It cut out the 1.1 miles.  This could be due to human error. 

One cool thing I just figured out is that if you zoom it it gives you an even more accurate impression of the places you ran.

The workout trainer also gives running statistics, so not including the last part of our run we ran 4.34 miles in 55:16 minutes and burned 594 Calories.  And we ran an additional 1.1 miles that the program did not account for.  Overall, we were running and stopping to take pictures for an hour and 45 minutes, exploring the town of San Luis Obispo.

Dec 212010

ZebWhat better place to start training then in my favorite city in the world, San Luis Obispo?  Every summer, I traveled to SLO to either visit my Grandmother or volunteer at the California Scholastic Press Association’s summer journalism workshop,

I know the city well and love the atmosphere.  A small college town where the locals all seem to know each other.  The area we usually stay is 15 minutes from the beach and the downtown area is full of unique stores and amazing food. 

To start our training, we ran around the city, stopping at interesting landmarks along the way.  We will be detailing our route and discussing our adventures in several upcoming articles.

One feature we plan on implementing is developing series, one of these series will be titled Run, Bike, Swim and Discover a City.  Our first city to document is San Luis Obispo. 

Do you have any suggestions for our next city?

Dec 202010

This weekend was an up and down weekend. From a marathon point of view it was a great weekend. My brother and I were planning on running in San Luis Obispo but the different activities and what says was .43 inches of rain kept pushing out training later and later on Saturday. So around 6:00 pm we decided a night run, rain or shine dark, would have to do. We picked several locations that we wanted to see and started our run slightly after 10:00pm.

It was still raining what felt like a few feet of rain. We started our route along the path we both used to walk when we stayed at our grandmothers every summer. Down Monterey Street past what used to be the best hamburger place in San Luis Obispo, past auto dealership row and then up to the Fremont theater.

My mom used to go in the Fremont theater when she grew up in San Luis Obispo. The theater is just like you would see in the movies, a classic small town mid sixties theater. The Fremont theater has the classic velvet seats, elaborately painted walls and hand crafted ceiling.  Now the theater is operated by The Movie Experience, who also operate the more moder theater across town.

If you get a chance to drive through San Luis be sure to drive through downtown, Marsh, Higuera & Monterey Streets. Check out the cool down and if the marquee shows a good movie, stop in, you will certainly enjoy the theater even if the movie isn’t very good.

Dec 172010

RockyAs my brother posted we are headed to San Luis Obispo for a few days and are trying to find a way to stick with/start our training programs. I too really enjoy San Luis and I think every runner (yes I am calling myself that now) enjoys a change in scenary every once in a while. 

Wish us luck and hopefully we are gonna come back with some good stories.

Dec 172010

ZebMy brother and I are headed to San Luis Obispo tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately, we are headed there for the funeral of my Great Aunt Dorothy.  What an amazing woman and what a life story.  She was the last living person of Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, New Mexico in 1916.

I told my brother to bring his running gear, so we should have some exciting stuff to share with you upon our return.  San Luis Obispo is by far my favorite city, so what better place to start my training then in San Luis Obispo.  And what better person to start it with than my brother.