Mar 122011

As you know by know from our previous posts, I am not a swimmer. Infact I would probably make a better anchor. But I was about to enter a pool for the very first time in a race situaiton but for me, swimming is more of a survival situation.

As I entered the tranistion from the bike i sent immediately for my spot. I locked up my pick threw my helmet on the floor, lost my shirt, shoes and socks and started to jog toward the pool. A few racers who already had finished gave me some words of encouragement and I ginger tried to avoid small pebbles on the path over to the pool.

Tip toeing over the asphalt, I looked very intimidating, I though sandels would be very nice. After nearly 50 meters of cringying and incredible foot pain I was at the pool. It seemed like hundreds of people where splashing, I surveyed the crowd and found found my support crew at the far side of the pool with my brother waving their arms.

I told my self just jump in and pretend like you know what you are doing. It was only there and back twice, but there was a long way and back was long way. The frist lap went well and to my surprise I caught the person in front of me. For the time being I was better than some of the other “swimmers.”

At the end of the pool a lot of people collected to catch their breathe. I didn’t want to wait I could see the finish line. I weaved through the resting swimmers and started down the next stetch and half way down I started to feel it. My legs stopped kicking and I started getting passed. I made it to the next wall and this time I need to catch my breathe. I saw Zeb montioning his arms to get me going. I wasn’t quite ready but I pushed off and started on the next leg.

I made it to the final wall and the crowd was cheering us on. It really helped, it was the final stretch and I had some open water infront of me. I headed for home and with 25 meters to go I realized I may not make it. I did one or two doggy paddles and then said screw it. I put my head down, kicked as hard as I could and pulled hard.  Then I looked up and I it looked like I had 30 meters to go.

I eventually got there and I was helped out of the pull. I quickly got my anckle braclet over the timing sensors and then tried to stagger for a place to sit. My legs were wobbley but I finished and I felt good.

It was a little cold but I grabbed a water and headed for the racers exit. Just then my sister found me and started a post race interview. I have seen some post race interviews and think those guys are not good talkers. Well I didn’t give the best interview either, being exhausted and cold means I was not thinking very well. After a few questions and some lackluster responses the rest of the support crew meet up with us. It was really nice to have them all there and to chat about the race.

A few high fives and some hugs and we were left to chat about some of the race specifics.

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