Dec 132010

RockyStarting this experience we were two relatively inshape, I was probably less so, brothers who had a goal and wanted to document our journey. This journey was going to include several steps, mostly toward our goal.

I felt yesterday was my a nice big step in this journey. I had my first atempt at one of my goals, a 4 minute mile. So how fast can a relatively inshape ex runner run a mile…… 6 minutes and 48 seconds!!! only 1 minute and 49 seconds from goal.  That is a total of 408 seconds. Theoretically, I ran each lap in 102 seconds (1 minute and 42 seconds). However, I can certainly tell you that I did not run each lap at 102 seconds my splits were probably closer to 68-110-132-98. My first lap looked great!

Lacey came to witness the first attempt and be the official timer. After jumping the fence and one warmup lap we decided to give it shot. but not before our predictions. Lacey choose 7 minutes and I was looking at something closer to 7:30. Lacey apparently has much more faith in me than I do.

So after reading my brothers posts and having my terrible pacing mile I decided it would be good to understand what splits I would need to run a 4 minute mile. So 4:59 seconds is 299 seconds so four laps that is just under 75 seconds per lap. So next time I will try to control my nevers and take it out a little slower and see if I can get a little closer to my goal.

I am also gonna think of what way I want to look at what improvement I will need to have, here are my options:

  1. I need to get 1 minute and 49 seconds faster
  2. I need to fet 50 % faster
  3. I need to get 27 seconds faster per lap
  4. I need to get one lap faster (that doesn’t make to much since but I think it would work)

What sounds easier? I am going with the per lap improvement for now.

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