Dec 112010

RockyNow that we clearly have our goals I find myself thinking about the finish line instead of actually doing something about it. Today was one of those days. How am I gonna run in my marathon? What pace I am I going to go? Will I raise my arms in celebration at the finish line or break out in ot a dead sprint to show I still have more in the tank? Needless to say all this thinking takes time, which is not spent actually training.

I do have something that I am excited about, my 4 minute mile attempt tomorrow. Heres my diliema, I have the determination to finish anything I put my mind to and that suits me well for the marathon or mountain climbing but running fast isn’t something that I can take my time with, I NEED TO RUN FAST!!!

If tomorrow is slow I will have have to work on some speed excercises.

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  1. ZebI’m eager to see how well you do tomorrow. Good luck!

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