Jan 312011

The Big A

After making it to the beach we needed to make it back to Anaheim to be picked up by our Dad, and the biggest problem that we were facing was the soreness of our rear-ends.  But, we biked on.  My Dad wanted to meet us at Danny K’s, one of his favorite places to hang out in Anaheim.  We figured it was about 13 miles from the beach and so we pedaled onward. 

The time flew by on the return trip as well, where we spent most of our time trying to sit in a way that preserved our back side.  You could feel every bump and every little ditch and each one added a new sensation of pain.  We kept peering into the distance seeing if we could see the Big A, in front of Anaheim Stadium that would signal to us that our destination was near.  It took some time, but eventually we saw it.

We peeled off the trail and made it into Danny K’s were we could finally rest.  After exactly 5 hours, a 42 mile bike ride, a 4 mile run, 1 broken bike chain, 1 visit to the beach and 2 sore rear-ends, we had completed our first bike ride together. 

My Dad invited his good friend, Chris Carlson to meet us at Danny K’s, where we had a coke and shared stories about our journey.  Turns out that Chris Carlson was a former bike rider himself and had a pretty good bike that he wasn’t using anymore . . . a Cannondale.  The name lost its impact on me, but I knew by the look in his eyes and the tone in his voice that it must be good. He offered it to us so that in the future, we would have better equipment.  One feature of the bike that he said would make a huge difference was the gel seats. 

Chris Carlson is one of our heroes.  At Danny K’s, Zeb and Rocky’s Big Adventure came to an end.  “But wait,” you’re thinking.  “This can’t be the end.  They just got a Cannondale bicycle with gel seats . . . more adventures must be in store for The Running Brothers.”  And to that, we say, “Only time will tell . . . only time will tell . . . well, that and our behinds.”

Stay Tuned for More Amazing Adventures to Come From Zeb and Rocky

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  1. Nice ride guys! 42 miles is no small feat, and ending it was family and friends is always a good thing.

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