Jan 242011

After my bike chain broke, I was ready to call it a day.  We had traveled six miles and I figured that the bike chain breaking would be a good story, but my brother had other ideas.  He pulled out his new Android cell phone, hit a button and spoke . . . “Bike Shop.”  He pushed a couple more times on his phone and he then showed me our new destination, a bike shop . . . alledgedly one mile away on the same road that we were on.

So, I figured, “What the heck?”  My brother decided to pedal onwards to the bike shop and I told him that I would run the best I could behind him so that we could make it to the bike shop quickly.  The shop was located on Imperial Street, which, like I said was allegedly a mile away. “Not to bad,” I thought to myself, I can run that no problem . . .

When I arrived at the bike shop . . . 4 MILES later, I was exhausted, not only did I run four miles, but I did it having to run alongside a bicycle.  I had assumed that since it was a mile that I could make it quickly, so I ran at a pretty good pace.  Each stop light that I came across was not the correct one, so I kept thinking that surely it would be the next one, so I ran even faster only to be let down time after time until, eventually, I made it to Imperial Highway. 

The bike shop was located in Anaheim Hills, right next to the Fox Fire, which by the way, if you have never been on a Friday or Saturday night, I highly recommend.  Especially if you are a people watcher like myself.  I went there one time and never had so much fun just watching other people’s behaviors.

By the time I got to the shop my brother had just finished purchasing the proper bike chain for twenty bucks.  They also were going to charge us ten dollars to install it, we decided to give it a try ourselves.  It took us thirty seconds to put the bike chain on.   

Twenty dollars later and thirty seconds worth of work, I had myself a new bike chain and was ready to get back on the bicycle.  We needed twenty-one more miles to make it to the beach.  Do you think we made it? 

Stay Tuned for Part #4 of Zeb and Rocky’s Big Adventure . . .

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