May 172011

The next several miles were through business and industrial parks and it was a definently quite a contrast from the first 10 miles.

Coming in to mile 16 to the South Coast Plaza I had started to walk and my calves were starting to cramp. When I started walking I started to try to do the math. If I did make it to the finish line, would I make it in time? The course was shutting down in 7 hours. Based on my math and my walking pace, I was going to be cutting it close.

Then I saw our support crew again. They could tell I was struggling but they were great. Danielle was ready to massage out any cramps if I needed it and the rest were fully of encouragement. I couldn’t stop because I already did the math and I didn’t have any time to waste. 

As my calfes wouldn’t cooperate I decided I was walking the rest of the course and I tried to walk with a brisk pace but I was getting paced like crazy by other walkers. I just keep turning my legs and drinking at every water stop.

By mile 20 we were heading on to the Santa Ana River Trail. Zeb and I rode the bike trail a few months before. Let me tell you, walking the trail takes alot longer than biking it, especially when you walking miles 20 to 24 of a marathon. The sun was beating down on us, my nipples and other areas were chaeffing pretty bad, but I kept moving my legs.

The turn off the Santa Ana River Trail through fairview Park was sweet relief. Every step from that point on was actually straight toward to finish line and relief.

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