May 162011

The countdown was over and we were walking to the startline. As we crossed over the automatic timing sensor we were taking our first step toward one of my major goals. The course started at Fashion Island and quickly headed down across PCH and down to Corona Del Mar. The views were spectacular, several runners stopped for pictures, I was just trying to keep up with Zeb. My cold was getting to me but my legs were turning.

The course lead us though some of the most expensive neighborhoods in California. The residents came out and cheered it on. It was about 7:00, they were still in their robes and we 4 miles into our race. Zeb had started to pull away from me and was well on his way to finishing his first marathon, I however was debating the desicion I would have to make at mile 12, to turn in toward the OC fairgrounds with the half marathoners or go straight with the full marathoners and see how far my body could take me.

By mile 5 we ran into our support crew, Jaclyn and Danielle were cheering us on with smiles and they let me know that Zeb wasn’t too far ahead, yet. After running through the Backbay, and ecological preserve, we encoutered our support crew again, this time it was a little larger, our parents and sister made it out and were cheering us on.

We were coming up to mile 11 and our support crew were out again and I had made my decision I was heading in with the half marathoners and attempt my marathon another day when my body cooperated a little more. At 11.75 miles the crowd started to get a little more dense and they were coming out with some great signs, very creative and I got some good chuckles from them.

I was with a large group of half marathoners and thought I could slide under the rader and turn in with them. I was about 200 feet away from the turn and I saw the race officials directing the half marathoners to turn, then 100 feet and I started to get a little nervous like I was cheating or something. then 20 feet from the turn and an official points me out and says “marathoners go straight.” I guess I wasn’t fully coinfident about my previous decision, and I went straight. With every step I was getting farther from the OC Fairgrounds but I was doing it.

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  1. Wow, you didn’t tell me that. So, a split-second decision forced you to go an extra 13.1 miles, huh? Well, I’m proud of you bro.


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