Apr 222011

Thank you for watching The Running Brothers Movie.  We hope you like the outcome.  If you haven’t seen Part #1,  you can click here to watch it – http://runningbrothers.com/982/the-running-brothers-movie-part-1/.  If you like our movie(s), please be sure to share them with your friends and post them to your Facebook pages.  The most fun we get is hearing from people who we’ve never met before that tell us the movie was awesom, so don’t be shy, tell your friends. 

Thank You From The Running Brothers!!!!

  10 Responses to “The Running Brothers Movie – Part #2”

  1. “Our real competition was ourselves”! Love it, good work you guys, valuable lessons indeed. That is one thing I respect about running is that it is more a battle against the urge to quit or stop.

    Beau Hodson
    The Integrious Project

  2. You guys are more than awesome. I just got home and had to log on quickly because Steve said that part 2 was finally out. 4 Stars from the peanut gallery and I think you should think about doing premiers. You know, like red carpet, with the Running Brothers emerging from the Limo with screaming fans.

  3. The second time around was just as good as the first. It was ingenius and full of integriousness. I hope we’ll see another prize-winner in the future. Where did those other guys come from, anyway?

  4. Very entertaining! I think the Running Brothers should come make a movie in Idaho. While it is true that some weirdos live here, it is also beautiful! Anyway, great movie–my four year old and I enjoyed both segments!

    • Danielle, I think one of the Ironman races that I plan on entering takes place in Idaho . . . Cours d’Alene . . . not sure if that’s how you spell it, and not 100% sure it’s in Idao, but that’s my ultimate goal so perhaps we’ll make it up there sooner than you think.

  5. Hey guys,

    I could not stop laughing that was hilarious! It would be cool to go back and create alternate endings for more laughs.

    You did an amazing job editing and sound effects for the clip. Loved it!

    • Thanks Jaclyn! You should have seen me while I was editing it. There were times I was laughing so hard tears came out of my eyes! They’re too funny.

  6. dear lord….you guys are too funny!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! you remind me of me and my lil bro. siblings…..endless entertainment!

    • Great! We’re really glad you enjoyed it! We always manage to have a great time together. My sister did all the diting for the movie too.

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