Dec 252010

ZebOne of our stops along the run was the San Luis Obispo Mission.  The mission was founded in 1772 by Father Junipero Serra, located at the center of downtown San Luis Obispo.

One of it’s most interesting features is the Child & Bear Fountain that appears in the front of the mission.  The fountain has several bears appearing to play in a pond, next to a girl who is wading her feet in the water.  The fountain was installed in 1988.

As a kid, I used to always visit the mission and hang out there with my mother.  I especially remember playing with my little brother and sister in the creek which runs alongside the mission.  After soaking ourselves in the 2 foot deep creek, we would go have yogurt at the local mall.  The Mission at San Luis Obispo is definitely a great place to build memories for you and your family.