Jan 042011

ZebOne of the reasons I started training for the Iron Man was to give me something to do other than drink.  I realized that alcohol had caused me numerous problems and decided to end my use of it entirely. 

It has not been easy.  I had tried quitting numerous times before, which I did, but never for good.  I would quit for a month or two, but I made the commitment to stop entirely and have done so.  Over the holidays, it has become even more difficult as constant get togethers with old friends brings me in to situations that encourage drinking.  During these social occasions drinking is almost always involved.  It is difficult to find people to do activities with that do not involve drinking.   I decided to make the commitment to become an Iron Man and hope to meet friends along the way. 

My brother is my best friend and it is great that he and I can do this together, but I want to help establish a community of people where health is what we put our focus around and not alcohol.  So, if any of you are up for it, feel free to contact and join us in improving our health and making friends along the way.

This picture was taken in downtown San Luis Obispo. 

After turning 21, I spent a lot of time inside of bars,  and San Luis Obispo has an amazing bar scene.  But, on Saturday night instead of stopping in for drinks, I decided to run past the bars instead. 

Watching the young people, dressed up and ready for a night of drinking, I realized how much my life has changed.  Running past those bars on a rainy night in downtown San Luis Obispo symbolized a defining moment in my life.  Instead of stopping in for a drink and passing time, I turned my focus towards accomplishment and achievement, to setting goals and completing them.  I turned my back on my past, the life that I had known and headed toward the future I desire, the future I deserve.