Apr 012011

April Fool’s Day originated in France in the 16th century when the French leadership decided to change the day for the New Year to January 1 from April 1.  Many French citizens continued to celebrate April 1 as the day of the New Year and the French, being the fine people that they are, called those people Fool’s.  They then began inviting them to imaginary parties and developing pranks to make fun of these people. 

Some of the best pranks had to do with taping paper fishes to people’s backs or putting kick me signs on people’s butts.  April Fool’s Day is a great day for pranks.  I remember once when I was a kid giving my teacher an envelope that said Rattlesnake Eggs on it . . . when she opened it, the letter rattled as if a live snake were ready to strike and my teacher fainted as a result . . . ah . . . memories.

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