Mar 082011

I have 11 days to get into the best shape of my life and surprisingly, I might actually get there.   I have been eating much more frequently and heartily.  My appetite has picked up because I am doing a lot of strength exercising and I’m drinking a lot of water.  I still don’t think I’m in the best shape I have ever been.  One thing that I have always wanted was 6-pack abs and at one point in my life I was close.  I remember flexing in the mirror, checking to see if I had them and they were there but only when I flexed. 

Now, when I flex, my 6-pack abs do not show up, but I have trimmed down a lot and am looking very healthy.  So, I’m going to work out hardcore on cardio and ab workouts and we’ll see if I can get that 6-pack coming throught in the next 10 days.

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