Jan 042011

I have always felt like a natrualist runner and by naturaliest I like to see and hear nature as it was created. So I haven’t  liked to wear sunglasses or have headphones on when I run. When I am running with a partner I don’t need music cause usually I can talk with  the other person. But now that I try to fit workouts in with all the other demands on my time I find myself running alone and yesterday I tried the internet radio to keep me going, AND I LIKED IT.

I recently discovered Pandora, which is an internet radio application available on the internet and most smart phones and it will pick songs that it thinks you will like based on your feedback. Based on your thumbs up and thumbs down for each song Pandora will select your next song. It is a fun game to see what Pandora thinks you will like and it also may provide some insite to your personality.

As shamefully as it may be, I am going to list the songs that Pandora thinks I like based on my inputs :

  1. Katy Perry Wake Up in Vegas
  2. Taio Cruz   Dynamite
  3. Journey  Don’t Stop Believing
  4. Kate Perry   Firework
  5. Blue Oyster Cult  Burnin’ For You
  6. Taylor Swift You Belong with Me
  7. Carrie Underwood All American Girl

I am calling this my Pandora Shame Story. So now I realize my music likes makes me appear to be a 12 year old girl. I have a new goal, to Man up my Pandora recommendations. Metallica here I come.

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