Oct 092011

I had just completed the San Luis Obispo Triathlon and went to visit my brother in the hospital, the day after his appendix had to be removed.  I came into the hospital full of sweat and came running into his room to see how he was doing.  He smiled upon my arrival and I detailed every aspect of the race I had just completed.  I could see in his eyes how proud he was of me. 

Once my family arrived I decided to honor my brother by bequeething him the medal that I had just received for completing the San Luis Obispo Triathlon.  He put it on and smiled.

  2 Responses to “The SLO Triathlon is Over…Off to Visit the Other Running Brother in the Hospital”

  1. You are the real hero. I can totally understand the excitement when we finish a race. Hope the other brother is recovering well. Appendix ain’t that bad…nothing a mug or two of good ol’ beer can’t do 😉

    • Yeah, I wasn’t sure beer was the healthiest thing to drink after getting your appendix removed . . . Only one way to find out I suppose.

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