May 212011

Rocky completed his run one hour after I did.  He did an awesome job considering that he was sick.  He said that he made it to around mile 16 before he began walking and eventually crossed the finish line.  All of our supporters were there cheering Rocky on.  When I told my supporters when I planned on finishing the marathon, I had told them that I thought it would be around 4 hours.  I also told them to get there early because I knew they wouldn’t want to miss me when I crossed the finish line.

Basically, I made them all wait for an extra hour and a half before I finished.  But, I did finish and surprisingly, everyone had a great time cheering us on. 

After the race, my brother and I could hardly walk, but we all decided to go to Red Robin for some food.  We hobbled into Red Robin and had a terrific meal with some of our most favorite heroes.  The food was amazing, but my knees were killing me and my crotch was on fire.  I wore boxers for my first marathon and I’m assuming that was the reason for the uncomfortability I was experiencing in my genitalia. 

Upon inspection my body, I found two things for concern:

  1. So much chaffing had gone on between my legs that I was bleeding.
  2. I had blood blisters that are actually still on both of my feet.  They are hiding underneath my callouses.

In the days following the race, my knees gave me problems for 3 to 4 days and for some reason, the top of my left foot caused me a lot of pain when I walked on it for the next two weeks or so after the race. 

As of writing this, it has been two weeks since the end of our first marathon and I think I have fully healed with the exception of the blood blisters on both of my feet.  My brother and I have decided on our next event, a sprint triathalon in San Luis Obispo towards the end of July, since we will be up there for the California Scholastic Press Association’s 60th Anniversary celebration. 

As for our next marathon, I haven’t talked it over with my brother yet, but the Long Beach marathon in October sounds like a good one to get involved with.  We will keep you informed.

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