Apr 212011

I have always been a sucker when it comes to shopping. I buy some stupid things and I get excited when I get something new, I think everyone does this to an extent. I also understand that it is not a financially healthy addiction. Nonetheless when I am trying to get motivated to do an activity, I usually buy something to get me excited about it.

To start studying for a test I will order a special book, to start a home improvement project I will buy a new tool when another tool I have would work, and when I need to start working out I need something new. This time I got new running shoes. I can think of a few other things that I can resort to when my motivation is getting a little low:

  1. Running watch
  2. New shorts
  3. Swimming googles
  4. New handle bars for bike that allow me to stretch out a little more
  5. Icy-hot (I have never used it but people say it really helps mucsels and I want to try it)
  6. A new gym membership

So when I am losing some motivation I may resort to some of these. I should probably try to keep my motivation beacause of the good workout feeling but I guess I am a shopping addict. Is there anything that you buy or use that help to keep you excited about working out?

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