Mar 262011

Zeb, Rocky and Lacey were on location filming The Running Brothers movie today.  They got a lot accomplished in a short amount of time and should complete filming by the end of the day tomorrow.  Then the film will get put into post-production and with the amount of special effects and bonus footage, it could be quite some time before our movie gets released. 

I know you all are very excited to see the final product, but you will just have to keep your pants on.  And I have a feeling that all of you out there will realize that it will be well worth the wait.

Mar 252011
Rocky:  Hey Zeb, check this out . . .

Zeb:  Lindsey Lohan . . . in court again . . . what’s the deal?

Rocky:  No, idiot . . . look here . . . It say’s it’s the Race of the Century.  I think we should do it . . .

Thanks Steve for the new addition to the script.  I sent Lacey several portions of the script earlier so it was tough for me to decide what to use and what to throw away, but I’m sure when we get together we’ll be able to hash out some better plans.  For those of you that want to contribute, there is still time.  Add a line or two of dialogue and we’ll try our best to throw it in there.

Mar 242011

Rocky and Zeb are eating breakfast . . . and either reading a newspaper or searching for news on the Internet when they come across a news article about the Race of the Century.
Zeb:  What are you eating, Rocky?
Rocky:  Whipped cream, with what looks like chocolate chips in it.
Zeb:  Rocky, that’s mold.
Rocky:  Hey Zeb, check this out . . . It say’s it’s the Race of the Century.  I think we should do it . . .
Camera shows the article about The Race of the Century.
Zeb:  You know Rocky, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication . . . Do you have it in you? 
Rocky:  Brother, with you by my side, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.
Zeb and Rocky high five each other
Rocky and Zeb are outside doing stretches and training when Johnny and Boris arrive.  
Johnny:  I bet you guys think you’re going to enter the Race of the Century?  Huh?
Boris:  Well, unfortunately for you guys we’ll be doing that race too . . . And I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve knocked more people out of races than Mike Tyson’s knocked out over his career.
Johnny and Boris hand explode each other

Johnny:  You guys have about as good a chance of winning this race as Charlie Sheen has of staying sober.
Boris:  Nice one Johnny!

Johnny and Boris hand explode each other again.
Johnny and Boris:  We’re the best and there ain’t nothin better than two hardcore racers and we’re bringin home the cheddar.
Johnny and Boris hand explosion
Zeb:  Man, there’s no way we’ll be able to beat those guys.
Rocky:  They were pretty intimidating, I mean they had special handshakes, matching outfits and their own rap song . . . Maybe we should just drop out?  I mean, it was a stupid idea anyways.
Zeb:  Rocky . . . Do you remember what you said to me when we began this whole thing together?
Rocky:  Yes, I remember, I was eating whipped cream with mold in it . . . very funny . . . I thought we were over that by now.
Zeb:  No, brother, you said that as long as I was by your side that their wasn’t anything we couldn’t accomplish . . . together.
Rocky:  Oh yeah, I remember . . .
Zeb:  Let’s make a pact, here and now . . . we will always be by each others sides, but we need a name . . . for the two of us . . . that people will remember us by for years to come.
Rocky and Zeb remain deep in thought

Rocky:  I’ve got it!  You’re my brother
Zeb:  Yeah
Rocky:  And we’re entering the big race
Zeb:  Yeah
Rocky:  And we’ll be doing a lot of running in this race.
Zeb:  Yeah
Rocky:  Let’s call ourselves . . . The Running Brothers
Zeb:  The Running Brothers . . . genius . . . Where do you come up with this stuff, bro? 
Zeb and Rocky:  Let’s train!
Zeb and Rocky super excited high five
Training sequence preferably around some kind of childrens play ground . . . where we fail at everything, but we’re always there to push the other one along . . . eventually we do well at everything and have a Rocky moment somewhere.
Rocky comes to Zeb the night before the race inside their home . . .
Rocky:  I don’t know if our training will be enough . . . You know how Johnny and Boris wore the same clothes and even had that intimidating catch phrase?  And their super cool handshakes?  Well, I figured we could use some intimidation of our own.
Rocky hands Zeb The Running Brothers t-shirt
Zeb:  No way . . . those are the coolest things ever!!!  And you’re right . . . I been thinking about that catch phrase all night long . . .
Zeb whispers in Rocky’s ear
Rocky:  Are you serious?
Zeb:  And I’ve got a great idea for our handshake . . .
Off-screen handshake commences
Rocky:  Are you serious?  . . . . Those are the two most intimidating things I’ve ever seen . . .
Zeb:  I know, right?
Rocky:  Those guys are going to wet their pants tomorrow when they see us.  
Zeb and Rocky are outside preparing for the race when they run into Johnny and Boris

Boris:  So, you thought you could challenge us . . . eh, losers?
Johnny:  Oh look, how cute, they have matching outfits.
Boris:  Yeah, did you guys call each other before you were going out to see what to wear?
Boris and Johnny handshake explosion
Johnny:  I wouldn’t be surprised if you fainted faster than a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.
Boris and Johnny hand explosion
Zeb:  Oh yeah, well, I bet we could run faster than a donut eating, coffee drinking police officer chasing after a Kenyan marathon runner.  
Rocky:  Yeah, and we’ll see who’s the best, when we dominate you like dominos dominates pizza.
Zeb and Rocky perform super lame handshake
Rocky:  The race is about to begin
Zeb:  We’ll just see you at the finish line.  Or maybe you won’t because you’re going down like the Titanic went down on April 10, 1912. 
Rocky:  Well, actually it went down on April 14, 1912.  It left on it’s voyage on April 10, but didn’t actually go down until April 14.

Zeb:  Oh, ok.  I stand corrected, but Johnny and Boris, you’re still going down.

Zeb and Rocky:  We’re the running brothers and it’s so much fun . . . it makes our races lots of fun.  Running brother, you’re the one for me.” 
Zeb and Rocky perform super lame handshake
The race begins and the good Rocky and Zeb win the race . . .
Rocky and Zeb are standing next to each other with medals
Rocky:  It’s like we said . . . When the Running Brothers are side by side, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.
Zeb and Rocky:  Go Running Brothers!!!
A super high five at the end with a freeze frame at the high five point

Mar 232011

We are making a short movie this weekend and would like contributions from YOU . . . our heroes! 

Our script is about two brothers who are competing in a race.  They then run into their arch rivals and realize that they will be competing together at the race.  We have written a rudimentary script but are looking for people to add, alter or change our script in any way necessary. 

If we use anything from your script or your comments, we will add you in the credits to our movie and will devote a blog post to any activity, charity, website, or group that you deem important. 

We want The Running Brothers movie to be cheezy and fun, but we’re really open to any suggestions.  Every night at midnight I will put out a new script based off of the recommendations from you . . . our heroes and incorporate them into the previous days script.  This should be a lot of fun and I hope that you decide to get involved.  Even if you’ve never done anything like this before feel free to participate.

Nothing in our script is set in stone.  Feel free to alter, delete or add anything that you think would make the script more entertaining.

The Running Brothers Movie is set to be filmed this Saturday, and will probably be less than 5 minutes long.  Feel free to make changes and alterations daily to our script as from now until Saturday, our script will go up at midnight each day.  Any changes big or small will be greatly appreciated.

. . . Let’s Have Some Fun!