Oct 182011

The day had finally come where we were going to unvail our latest Running Brothers Movie. Lacey had devoted a lot of time and effort to editing our film and we were eagerly awaiting the outcome. The whole Running Brothers clan was there along with close family and friends, including many of our heroes.

The movie began and laughs immediately ensued. Our fans erupted in laughter again and again out the outlandishness of our latest Running Brothers Movie. When all was said and done we gathered around and dissected the meaning of the film along with our favorite parts.

Each person seemed to find something they liked differently about our movie. My favorite part was invisible duck hunting.

What was your favorite part? Comment below and let us know.

Aug 272011

Before I could get into the pool, I had to wait for another competitor to finish his swim.  His wife was his counter, meaning she was counting the amount of laps he had completed.  The second he finished his 18th lap, he sprung out of the pool, ripped off his goggles, threw them at his wife, and ran to the transition area.

With that, I lowered myself into the pool and put my goggles on.  I was ready.

One of my concerns coming into this race was knowing what to wear.  I looked around and saw a bunch of people in ridiculous looking triathlon gear.  Which was much smarter than what I had decided to wear.  I was wearing soccer shorts into the pool and that’s what I planned on wearing the entire race. 

I quickly realized this was probably not the best idea.

As I pushed off the ledge of the pool to start my first lap, my soccer shorts were pulled down from my pelvic area.  I was sure I was mooning everyone who had come to watch the swimmers swim.  Nothing like showing some ass crack to a group of strangers.  But, I continued on anways. 

Every few laps or so I found myself, pulling up my shorts, but other than that, everything was going smoothly.  I was keeping a strong steady pace and in comparison to the other competitor in my lane I was flying.  I was completing two laps for every one that she was completing. 

The swim felt good and, as my counter, my Dad was yelling out the lap numbers as I completed them, always telling me to pace myself.  I must have been hauling then, considering he was contuinually telling me to slow down, but I felt good. 

I heard my Dad yell “18” as I reached the edge of the pool.  For the last lap, I gave it all I had and pushed for my last lap in the pool.  I had plenty of energy and completed my swim powerfully.  I hoisted myself out of the pool threw off my goggles and ran to the transition zone, ready to hop on my bike. 




Jun 062011

Thanks to @BrittEMeeks for sending us this video.

Britt Meeks told us that we had really big egos and that we thought we were awesome.  She said we had big heads and that we should have some perspective and so she sent us this video. 

The Running Brothers support our troops completely.  We love everything they do for us and while this story is amazing, I must point out a few things to show how our awesomeness is better than this amputee veteran’s awesomeness.

  1. His teams shirts were not nearly as awesome as ours.

Ok, well, I guess I could only think of one way that we were more awesome than this guy.  It’s amazing what human beings can accomplish when we work together.  Check out this video to get a glimpse into what life is all about.

May 142011

To those of you that were interested in participating in the May 22 Mystery Challenge, it has been postponed.  My brother and I will be entering a golf tournament instead. 

The golf tournament is the 5th Annual Richard H. McKinnon Memorial Golf Tournament: which will be held on Sunday, May 22nd.  We will be playing at El Prado Golf Course and are looking forward to taking home the trophy . . . or at least having a good time!

Our Mystery Challenge will be rescheduled for another date in the near future.  I will keep all of you informed on the new date.

May 042011
  1. http://runningbrothers.com/category/the-running-brothers-movie/ – The now world famous Running Brother’s is up on our website.  We had to break the movie into two parts.  David Archuleta even wanted to audition for the next Running Brother’s movie.  We told him we’d think about it.  The movies have received wide acclaim by critics everywhere and has reached almost 450 views on www.youtube.com.
  2. http://runningbrothers.com/category/our-heroes/ – This month we interviewed two new heroes, Greg Hardesty, who works with my father at The Orange County Register and Peter Engwall from auggiesdad.sweat365.com. 
  3. http://runningbrothers.com/1009/joined-up-with-some-new-runners-rocky-duran-and-chris-sydow/ – Rocky Duran and Chris Sydow joined The Running Brothers team.  We ran for several miles together and are planning on running together a lot more often.
  4. http://runningbrothers.com/1003/we-went-and-bought-new-running-shoes-saucony-progrid-ride-3s/ – We decided we needed to buy new running shoes and headed to A Snail’s Pace in Brea.  We were helped by the friendly staff on hand who set us up with our brand new running shoes.
  5. http://runningbrothers.com/category/rocky/ – Rocky wrote three amazing posts this month.  “I’m Back” announced his return to The Running Brothers blog after a mini-hiatus.  “Novelty Running” focused on his obsession with shopping for useless gadgets.  And “Melt Downs and Blow Ups” asked our heroes for their favorite racing experiences.
  6. http://runningbrothers.com/category/events/los-alamitos-race-on-the-base/ – We completed our series on the 2011 Los Alamitos Race on the Base where we discussed the race, our preparation for it and how we felt afterwards.
  7. http://runningbrothers.com/971/pacific-electric-bike-trail/ – We took a leisurely bike ride along the Pacific Electric Bike Trail, find our opinions about it here.
  8. http://runningbrothers.com/1057/mystery-challenge-2/ – I posed the second installment of our Mystery Challenge Series to Rocky.  He has no idea what the mystery challenge will be, but everyone is welcome to join us for the mystery challenge.  If you would like to participate you won’t need to run, bike or swim, although you can if you want to.  Please contact Zeb if you want to get in on the mystery challenge.
  9. http://runningbrothers.com/1027/exotic-animal-siting-on-a-run-through-chino-hills/ – Running in the week before the Orange County Marathon I came across my favorite animal, a Zebra, in my hometown.  It’s amazing the things you can see when you run, bike or swim around a city.

May 012011

In honor of our first marathon, the OC Marathon, I wanted to post some pictures of my brother and I running which you may or may not have seen yet.  Thank you for following our blogs and wish us luck.  Today is a big day for The Running Brothers.  Our race starts at 6 AM at Fashion Island in Costa Mesa and not really sure where it finishes, but keep us in your thoughts and wish us well.

Apr 282011

Rocky issued me the first mystery challenge several months ago.  I had no idea what to expect and when my brother showed up on Super Bowl Sunday at some ungodly hour in the morning he displayed our new Running Brothers t-shirt and told me that I would be running a half-marathon in a couple of hours. 

With no preparation and never having ran a distance amounting to that much in my life, I thought I did pretty good under the circumstances.  I completed my first half-marathon running the entire way and it was a really cool experience.  My brother’s mystery challenge was a huge success and today, I am throwing down my mystery challenge for my brother. 

The mystery challenge is set to take place on Sunday May 22, 2011.  The date is negotiable, so Rocky, if you need to change the date, just let me know.  Another great thing about this mystery challenge is that anyone who lives in Southern California is invited to participate.  If you are interested in participating in Mystery Challenge #2 . . . a mystery for Rocky, call me or send us an email at runningbros@gmail.com and we can tell you what the mystery challenge is so that you can decide to participate in it with us. 

The great thing about it is that if you don’t want to run, or bike, or swim, you don’t have to and you can still have a great time with The Running Brothers and friends.

Apr 262011

I’m scared! 

Not really, but I quit training for our first marathon in 6 days.  My knee was bothering me on each run, so I decided to rest it entirely until we run in the Orange County Marathon. 

I have been getting a lot of advice the last few days about my knee and the consensus is that it is a problem associated with the IT Band.  Wikipedia had some information on the IT Band which you can find by clicking here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iliotibial_band_syndrome.  But basically, it is what my sister and my brother’s girlfriend’s sister, an athletic trainer, had told me all along.  That I would need to stretch the IT Band and the more stretching that I could do to it, the less likely it would be that it would hurt me in the future. 

Starting tomorrow, I think I am going to go to the gym to lightly work out my upper body and stretch my IT Band and maybe do some brief elliptical work.  With just six days to go I’m a little stressed about the prospect of running a full marathon, but I’m excited as well.  At least I will know that I will have a time to improve on for future races.

Apr 142011

Time is running out and we are about to run our first marathon.  I have tried training the last three days, but have had to stop early each time because I get this pain in my knee.  Yesterday was my longest run so far.  I ran 4.5 miles, but had to stop on account of the knee.  My brother and I have decided to go to A Snails Pace, a running store in Brea to see if they can get us properly fitted for some shoes. 

I’m excited to see if a difference can be made just by the types of shoes I would be wearing.  I really hope that it does, because I want to be able to complete this marathon.

Apr 132011

The Running Brothers: Part 1 will be released at 12:01 AM Friday morning.  We had to break the movie down into two parts because it was too long.  The movie, seen by a select few, has received high praise thus far.  Just listen to the rave reviews of our critics.

“That was a funny movie.” – Grandma

“It looked like you guys had fun.” – Dad

“Hahahahaha.” – Mom

“A great movie.” – Sister

“I haven’t laughted that hard in a long time.” – Dusty

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought.” – Cindy

Be prepared for one of the greatest movie events of 2011 with the opening of The Running Brothers.  The movie will not be shown in theaters and will only be available to those who visit our website, www.TheRunningBrothers.com.  See you at one minute after midnight on Thursday.