Jul 092011

My brother and I are playing softball again and it has been way too long.  We played softball for several seasons with a bunch of his co-workers nearly two years ago when we lost in the first round of the playoffs by one run.  A heart-breaking defeat.  The team has rekindled it’s fire and starting anew with a new head coach . . . Jesse.

The Running Brothers made up the middle of the infield for the first game of the season, Zeb playing Shortstop and Rocky playing Second Base.  Zeb bats leadoff and Rocky is the clean-up hitter.  After not having played for more than two years, we jumped right into the swing of things, Zeb swung at the first pitch he saw drilling a double into the gap and Rocky had an inside the park home run.  Zeb finished the game 4 for 5 and Rocky went 3 for 5. 

Defensively, The Running Brothers held their own with Zeb turning a double play on a ground ball headed back to the pitcher and making a back handed grab and jump throw where he fired the ball to first getting the batter out.  Rocky managed to stay on his toes and made a few great plays of his own.

We ended up losing our first game of the season, 24 to 22, but considering how bad we were two years ago it was apparent that we will have chances to win this year.  Our team name is Brown Trout, because of what Rocky does for work.  In order to find out the meaning of our team name, you are going to have to ask him.