Mar 052011

What has been your most rewarding experience through your blog so far? 

I have really enjoyed the writing process.  I like to put my thoughts down through writing.

Do you have any tips or ideas for a new running blogger?

Setting small and attainable goals that are part of the overall goal is a great way to keep track of your experiences and get a sense of

What type of posts do you get the most feedback from?

It is hit and miss.  Some posts that I work really hard on and put lots of work into don’t seem to get any traffic or feedback.  But, some posts seem to end up getting traffic for reasons that I have yet to understand.  I think that most people who read my blog are more interested in my personal thoughts than anything, since they are mostly friends I think.

What was your inspiration for starting the blog?  Has your vision changed since you started it? 

The vision is always subject to change.  But I’m sticking mostly to reading and writing and working toward the
eventual goal of an Ironman.

Have you gotten a chance to see our website?  If you have, do you have any tips for improvement?

I have checked out the website!  I really like the new pictures from the Christmas photo shoot.  I need to get a
tracksuit, and quickly.

What has been your most rewarding experience since you started training?

Probably swimming a mile in the pool.  Swimming laps is really tough.  Really an incredible workout and fun, but dang I was
beat afterwards.  It really showed me how much work I have ahead of me.

What do you enjoy most about training?  The least?

I enjoy running the most.  It comes easily and I like both the solitude of running alone and the companionship of running with a group.  Either way, running is the best for me.  The least?  I think that the bicycle sections of the two triathlons I’ve done were pretty tough for me.  Because of where I’ve been living, there just are not very many opportunities for road riding.  I don’t feel safe on the roads on a bike.  Mountain biking for me is a much better alternative.

Any recommendations for someone who is just starting out their training?

I really think that sticking to attainable monthly goals is the way to go.  That huge goal of a marathon or Ironman seems too huge
if you don’t break it down.  Also, I find it really helpful to tell as many people as possible about my goals.  It seems like a bad idea,
seeing as how if you mess up many people will know about it.  But it is a great way to keep yourself motivated if you know that you’ll have to tell someone that you didn’t get your run in or something along those lines…  I guess just having someone to hold you accountable is what I’m saying.

What is something that you did that you think everone should do at least once in their lifetime?

I think traveling and living in a different country has been one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve had, or ever will have.  It totally changes your worldview as well as your personal views.

What are you most passionate about?

Writing has been an interest and passion for me for a long time.  I’m not the best, but it comes easily for me and is probably my easiest form of expressing myself.

What is something you would do differently in your training or your blogging if you could do it all over again?

I wouldn’t change anything.  It has been a great experience and I feel like I’m missing something
if I don’t write or workout for a while.

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