Mar 042011

If you read my raceday post,, you will know that I was trying to beat my distances in all of the areas of The Race on the Base Triathalon from last year.   

Here are my results from the 2010 Race on the Base:

Clock Time:  1:21:25.9

Gender Racers:  437;  Gender Place:  296;  Percentile 32.2 %

All Racers:  762;  All Place:  380;  Percentile:  50.1%

Times for each section:

  • 3.1 Mile Run = 23:49.5
  • T1 = 1:53.2
  • 12 Mile Bike = 47:54.7
  • T2 = 2:47.1
  • 200 Meter Swim = 5:01.2

Are you eager to see how much I improved . . . if at all?  Here are my 2011 Race on the Base results.

Zeb at The Race on the Base in 2011

Clock time:  1:21:50.7

Age Group Racers:  77;  Age Group Place:  32;  Age Group Percentile:  58.4 %

All Racers:  826;  All Racers Place:  227;  All Racers Percentile:  72.5%

  • 3.1 Mile Run = 24:19
  • T1 = 1:02
  • 12 Mile Bike = 49:39
  • T2 = 2:20
  • 200 Meter Swim = 4:28

I improved by 33 seconds in the pool, but was 30 seconds slower on the run and was 1 minute and 15 seconds slower on the bike.  I was a lot faster on my transitions, shaving off 2 minutes and 28 seconds. 

Although I did not beat my times in the run or on the bike, my percentile was substantially higher than last year which leads me to believe one of two things, either they made the course slightly larger, or the conditions were rougher this year than last year.  The last option is hard to believe though because last year it was raining. 

Last year, I finished the race just above the 50th percentile of all races and this year I was higher than 72%, which I am very happy about . . .

I want to eventually become one of the elites and towards the front of the pack, but know that it takes time and I am improving substantially and will continue to do so if I stick to my plan.

Mar 022011

My brother completed his first triathalon and I could not be happier for him.  His results are impressive for his first time attempting a sprint triathalon. 

Here are Rocky’s results for the 2011 Race on the Base:

Rocky at The Race on the Base in 2011

Clock Time:  1:30:57.8

Age Group:  25 – 29;  Age Group Racers:  41;  Age Group Place:  32;  Percentile 22.0 %

All Racers:  826;  All Racers Place:  400;  Percentile:  51.6%

Times for each section:

  • 3.1 Mile Run = 27:25
  • T1 = 1:16
  • 12 Mile Bike = 55:13
  • T2 = 2:04
  • 200 Meter Swim = 4:57

Rocky, awesome job . . . according to the percentages, you did better compared with the field than I did for my first triathalon last year.  But I still demolished you . . . better luck next time bro. 

Mar 012011

This past weekend the running brothers competed in the Race at the Base triathlon and we had a few supporters. We also knew one of our friends, Ryan Miller, was also going to be racing. We had several things to look forward too but I was really nervous, since our half marathon nearly 3 weeks piror I hadn’t trained very much.

On top of my lack of training I had a very long night the day before. But none the less I was excited about my first triathalon. The race was set to start at 10:30 and Zeb wanted to pick me up at 8:30. It sounded like a plan, a very tight plan but I tend to get places too early so I trusted Zeb. We arrived at the Los Alimitos Air Force Base at about 9:45 and by the time we sorted everything out at the car we headed toward the registration booth.

We were the one of the last U-Z participants to pick up our packets. We quickly got over to the transition area to set up our bikes and it was very evident that getting there early would make that part easier. The bike racks were completely full. We had to move some other peoples bikes and neatly organized gear to fit our bikes. I dont know the etiqutue when it comes that kind of stuff but to be perfectly honest we needed some space.

We had just enough time to set up a bikes say hi to our friend and walk to the start line. Our support crew meet us near the start line and gave us words of encouragement. With that we headed to the start line and moved toward the group that looked like we they could run at our pace. After a rather long rendition of the Star Spangled Banner the race was set and I was about to start my very first triathalon. We didn’t have a lot of time to get nervous so I was able to ride my excitement all the way up to starting pistol.

Feb 262011

Today, my brother and I are competing in our first triathalon, a sprint triathalon called The Race on the Base in Los Alamitos.  I actually did this race last year.  I had so much fun running the race that I encouraged my brother to run it with me this year. 

Here are my results from last year:

Clock Time:  1:21:25.9

Gender Racers:  437;  Gender Place:  296;  Percentile 32.2 %

All Racers:  762;  All Place:  380;  Percentile:  50.1%

Times for each section:

  • 3.1 Mile Run = 23:49.5
  • T1 = 1:53.2
  • 12 Mile Bike = 47:54.7
  • T2 = 2:47.1
  • 200 Meter Swim = 5:01.2

Based off of my results from last year, I feel that I can do a lot better.  My goal then is to beat my time in each section from last year.  If I can do that, I should be able to beat 1:10, but who knows, it’s been a year since I’ve done it and I’m in much better shape now than I was last year. 

Today should be a lot of fun.  We hope you’re rooting for us.

Feb 052011

I signed my brother and myself up for a sprint triathalon, Los Alamitos’s Race on the Base.  One year ago, Dusty Miller, a good friend of mine enrolled me in this race and me, him and Donald Lindsley all did the race together.  It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it, which is a big reason why I decided to start training for an Ironman. 

Over 6,000 people participated in the event last year.  To be honest, I thought the name, Race on the Base, meant that it was at the base of a mountain.  But just recently I realized the actual intention of the name . . . it’s called Race on the Base because it takes place at a military base.  It’s a 5K run, a 12 mile bike ride, and a 200M swim. 

The race is set to take place on February 26, 2011 at 10:30 AM.  So, in 21 days, my brother and I will be competing in our first event together.  I’m extremely excited and can’t wait until The Running Brothers get put to the test.

Here is a link to their website: