Jan 252011

Zeb and I have been working very hard toward our goals. We have been running in a new City, resurected an old bike, biked to the beach, had  a professional photoshot, and taken on several local runs. Our sister has also put in a lot of work with our website. We (mostly Zeb) has gotten a lot of followers to our web site. All of this has been great and has happened very fast. I am starting to feel that was the honeymoon period and now we are settling in to the day-to-day of rigerous training.

In response to my brothers post about spamers and auto-bot spamers who leave nonsense comments, I researched spam bots and I found that there is a lot of research and spam bots are actually very sophisicated. They use millions of different IP addresses, which could be hijacked or stolen so you can not block them. It really sounds like a war on spammers by people who are trying to provide information to the public.

Spam bots also automatically scan posts for key words and post to blogs they feel would have would have a more personal connection. So a blog about quilt making should not get spam about male enhancement  pills. Likewise blogs about golfing (typically a male sport) will get more of those spam comments.

I am going to guess the type of spam bot comments this post will genererate:

  1. Wedding planning for the subject line
  2. Vacation oportunities for beach reference
  3. Computer networking solutions for discussions about IP addresses

what list about internet spam would not be complete without the big three:

  1. Male Enhancement for talking about male enhancement spammers
  2. Making Money
  3. Perscription drugs

I think by talking about it makes it more likely to happen but lets see which spam bots find this post.

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  1. Keep up the running. I started with marathons and am now an ulrarunner. I work at the OC Register with your father, although he still is much older than me LOL

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